Unwind and rejuvenate with a cross-country trip to Thessaloniki by coach


A cross-country trip to Greece is every wanderlust tourist’s dream. From modern skyscrapers to ancient marvels, the country holds all sorts of beauties to captivate a person. Add to that the different cultures, languages, and lifestyle one experiences, and the universal fascination for Europe trips does become justified. Be it the technological advancements of the United Kingdom or the historical magnificence of Greece, there is no tourist who wouldn’t be spellbound with a trip across Europe.

When it comes to taking a cross-Europe trip, there are a number of options at a person’s disposal. Being in close proximity and interconnected to each other – as well as a part of the European Union (except England), these nations facilitate smooth and easy travel for tourists across nations. Therefore, in addition to flights from one destination to the other, there are also trains and minibus hire services available for travellers. So an enjoyable European trip also depends on the answer to the question, ‘Which mode of transport do you go with?

Those running on a tight schedule will obviously go for flights. For the rest, coaches, rather than trains, might be the better-suited option – and for a number of reasons. In case you intend to cover the journey from the Greek capital, Athens, to the renowned city of Thessaloniki.

Why coach hire for Thessaloniki is the best option for you

An up-close journey:

Flights save loads of time but make for the most boring of journeys. Trains, while travelling through the nations or cities, hardly let travellers get acquainted with the life and culture of the place. Therefore, it is only coaches which offer the tourists an up-close journey with the sights and sounds of the place. Coach journeys acquaint people with the lifestyle, culinary, culture, and even famous tourist spots of the intervening places between Athens and Thessaloniki.

And there are a handful of intervening places in that journey. While you might have opted for coach hire services for Thessaloniki directly from Athens,but you also get, to peek into Lamia, Volos, Larissa and Mt Olympus. You can opt for Vergina which is a slight detour to see the Alexander’s Father’s tomb and relics of the Macedonian empire.

While your destination may hold your fascination, these places will also captivate your attention. So why skip all this fun for travelling in the sky or a train ride?


No matter how low-cost an airline is, it is impossible to compete with the prices of a coach. The same applies to train tickets as well. Despite all their discounts and offers, it is hard for airline companies to compete with the cost when you opt for coach hire services. When the number of travellers in a single group is big, expect your cost per head to go lower. Even hiring a car can incur higher fuel charges than what a coach hire or minibus hire services might cost. Also one doesn’t realise the fact that commuting time taken is least when one travels by coach – offering you point to point services. You also do not incur any other expenses to reach the airport or the train station, curbing your per head cost and the time taken.

Apart from lower costs, coaches are also among the greenest mode of transport. A large number of passengers translates to reduced usage of fossil fuels and lower per passenger emissions. In fact, it is believed that a flight causes twice the damage to the environment as a road journey of the same distance.

Reduced stress:

As a traveller, you may not be acquainted with Greece or the terrain. And with the time constraints of flights and trains, any unexpected delay can be damaging. Coaches, meanwhile, are flexible in this regard. Since you have hired a coach as your personal travel medium, any such unexpected emergency can be handled or tackled without any stress or tension. Coach hire services come with a dedicated chauffeur to ensure that your entire journey is stress-free without any delays or discomfort. If there’s any disturbance or delay while on-trip, one can always get in touch with the chauffeur or the coach company and convenient measures can be taken to tackle the issue which isn’t the case with flights or trains and even car rentals.

Coaches also do away with the need to arrive at an airport hours before the flight and strict security checks at both airports and railway stations. These factors contribute significantly towards reducing the stress of tourists on their visit to an unfamiliar country or route.


Modern-day coaches are no less than luxury trains or typical airplanes. One has almost as many facilities as the other two mediums to ensure his or her ride is smooth and comfortable. The coaches are spacious, air-conditioned with comfortable seats. Depending on the company one chooses to travel with, facilities like WiFi and headrest mounted LCD monitors may also be available to add to the comfort.

So don’t be in two minds anymore about the best mode of travel. Visit the fascinating city of Thessaloniki and be enraptured with its White Tower, Arch of Galerius and Rotunda, Hagia Sophia. Visit the gigantic Port of Thessaloniki and attend an event at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall! But don’t miss out on the attractions of the rest of Greece either with coach travel.

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