Uk trip planner for 2019, road trips, driving distance by car and more

The wintery weather begins as the November ends, giving a glimpse of the arriving freezy December bringing with it a snowy happiness of Christmas holidays, it’s time for the busy bees to take a break from their daily life and plan a road trip to London and around the city.

Planning a UK road trip during winter offer many benefits as the roads are quieter, there aren’t as many crowds, and depending on the weather the landscape can be spectacular. There is no shortage of great places to see within an hour or two’s drive from the capital city London. To make it even better, it is wise to hire a car or get some ground transfer booked so that you can explore the country lanes of the quaint villages along the way.

The UK is generally covered with snow, but “it’s a good time to travel in as far as costs go, good hotels are generally a lot cheaper at that time of year.” this is what a road trip traveler to the UK said.


Here are six top destinations for great day trips from London by car or a private coach.

1) Travel from London to Brighton

Driving to Brighton, a city with brilliant beaches is worth spending your holiday time. With a distance of approximately 54 miles, traveling from London to Brighton takes just 145 minutes of the ride, depending on the traffic.

Brighton Beach - UK road trip

With the easy to travel the road from London, one can have a seamless car journey by simply taking  A23/M23 south until Brighton arrives. With the attractions such as Brighton Palace Pier or Royal Pavilion, the city is filled with energy and freedom of the sea, from the exoticism of the Royal Pavilion to the record-breaking i360, this is what makes Brighton stand out of the crowd.

2) Travel from London to Cotswolds

Charmingly set near the Worcestershire border, in the rural area of south-central England, the Cotswolds rise to over 900 ft around the village on three sides. Traveling from London to Cotswolds takes approximately 150 minutes to travel the distance of 109.4 miles while traveling by car.

Cotswolds - UK day trip

With the scenic area containing some of England’s best countryside, Cotswolds is one of the few such areas with an easy driving distance of London for a day tour. Due to limited public transport in the Cotswold region, the most preferred way to visit the city is by car.

Cotswolds carrying a beautiful scenic for years has remained seemingly unchanged with the passing of time. Rolling landscapes, dry stone walls, grassland harbor, and perpendicular churches, the sparkling clear streams fuse with tiny villages and hamlets having charming limestone houses, tea shops, and inns increases the beauty of the city.

3) Travel from London to Wales

For a longer trip, one can go further on from the Cotswolds and drive across the Welsh border into Monmouth. The city is home to the ruins of Tintern Abbey, famous for the poetry of Wordsworth and paintings of Turner, has the wave of love and romance in its air.

Wales - road trip

The fastest routes to travel to Wales is from M4, M5, M6, and M56, taking 5-6 hours of traveling time to cover the distance of 213 miles from London. Alternatively, one can also take the Pembrokeshire Coast path from Monmouth, along the A40, for a passage through the Brecon Beacons and a long, stress-free drive through the hills to the seaside views of St Davids – famously the UK’s smallest city.

4) Travel from London to York

More of a short break or simply a day out from London, York is the perfect destination. This ancient city of York is the most stunning place to visit outside London. With the outstanding attractions like the York Minster, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in England and one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals in the world, to the ancient old Tudor buildings and narrow street of Shambles, the city is filled with the wealth of history, culture and endless shopping possibilities.


The city is 209 miles from London, taking an average time of 4 hours to arrive in the York city while traveling by a private car. M1 motorway is the suggested driving route to reach to the destination. Taking the route A1 from London helps you avoid the motorway, but once in North Yorkshire, the scenery for driving is breathtaking especially with the easy access to the Yorkshire Dales.

5) Travel from London to Margate

Margate, a town known for its sandy beach is one of the best modern-day trips from London to head out. Traveling from east to north Kent and its seaside towns takes approximately two hours of traveling time for covering 82 miles of distance.

Margate, UK

The town is a typical example of English Seaside Town. Places like Hemingway-designed amusement park Dreamland and the Turner Contemporary Gallery are enough to make your trip more relaxing. Walking through the beach by Canterbury Road and passing the Margate Clock Tower gives the mesmerizing feeling in this revamped Old Town.

There’s something for everyone in Margate when the sun is out its superb eateries take the boom in north Kent. From the oyster restaurants of Whitstable or sandy coastal coves of Botany Bay in Broadstairs to the almost-continental, it’s full of varieties to eat around.

6) Travel from London to Bath

Situated about 115 miles from London, Bath is one of the most popular side excursions to go around. With historic Roman ruins, honey-colored stones, natural hot springs; Bath is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in England. The 18th-century Georgian architecture and houses prehistoric standing stones, and several royal residences, make the visitor believe that it’s an adventure to soak in the culture and history of this city.


It takes the travel time of 2-3 hours by traveling via the M4 route to reach bath, provided good speed is maintained or one does not hit any traffic jams. To enjoy magnificent views of Bath, Prior Park is worth visiting, but one needs to take a car or a bus, as it’s up a steep upward slope and walking might not be easy; unless one is a seasoned trekker.

Traveling through the different cities at this time of the year might get difficult, as all the public transports like buses and trains are full of people due to the holiday season. Getting around the different part of the city would be more fun if one hire a car or just ride in their personal one. It would be more convenient as one gets the freedom to roam around and explore the places better with a ground transfer riding one through their way, and it’s no more hard to book one for your any excursion as technology is advanced enough to help you book and plan your trips with just a few clicks at any time in any condition.

So it’s now time to make the best of your winter holidays, make sure you do not waste it sitting at home, just book a car, follow one of these UK road trip ideas and make your way to your favorite destination.

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