We invented TripCenter as a ground transport booking platform to connect worldwide transport suppliers and buyers of such services. This holds true for our vision of simplifying ground transport booking for every trip, everywhere and every budget. You can be assured that, when you come to TripCenter, everyone is here for the same purpose: to cut out the middleman, improve trust, improve transparency, improve customer service. Above all have we want you to have an overwhelming booking and travel experience.


Safety for transport suppliers

Once we’ve verified your information, we strongly recommend that you provide as much accurate information as possible about each of your vehicles. Minimum information should include each vehicle’s make & model, registration year, photos, facilities amongst other things that you see while preparing your vehicle for listing.

This helps build trust between you and a potential buyer instead of relying on someone who doesn’t know your vehicles as much as you do. You should also make sure that your contact information is always most up-to-date for buyers to connect with you once a booking is made and paid for.

We also highly recommend that you address any customer concerns and grievances as swiftly as possible to have a seamless booking experience and to help you get better reviews for the transport and service you provide.

Safety for buyers

At TripCenter we have both the buyers and transport suppliers best interests at heart. We hold payments until the transport supplier has delivered the service as booked and confirmed, ensuring you are satisfied. This happens from the moment you have booked & paid until satisfactory transport service is delivered by the supplier. Please make sure your contact information is accurate and the trip information you provide is also as accurate as possible at the time of your trip planning. If there are service issues, please raise them immediately or within 72 hours of service completion with the transport supplier using TripCenter contact method. We would be unable to address your concerns with the trip after 72 hours of service completion.

GOOD TO KNOW: To preserve trust and safety, we recommend that you communicate with buyers and transport suppliers by logging into your TripCenter account and use contact buttons against your bookings.