Top places to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg Russia

With the football world cup having settled nicely into its second week, football fever has gripped the world and how! A series of upsets in the group stages has only added to the excitement and anticipation around the most watched sporting event in the world. This hype and hoopla surrounding the tournament is best observed in the host nation Russia and even more so in the host cities; St. Petersburg in particular. 

The 2018 football world cup is by far the biggest event, sporting or otherwise, that St .Petersburg has played host to. The city has pulled out all the stops to ensure that all travelling fans enjoy the occasion to the fullest. While the best place to enjoy a world cup football game is obviously the stadium, you’d have a much better chance at finding water on the moon than a match ticket at this stage. But don’t lose heart just yet though! Here are the next best options you have to enjoy the football world cup in St.Petersburg. 

Here are the next best options you have to enjoy the football world cup in St.Petersburg.



Foggy Dew : Foggy Dew isn’t quite the place that makes an instant impression on you. It is a simple and laidback Irish pub, that has a wide variety of alcoholic beverages on offer in addition to the Irish black stuff.The place is a hub for local football fans that throng to the pub every time a football match is played on TV. Visit this place if you love watching a game of football in the company of avid football fans. 

James Cook


James Cook : James Cook is the closest you can get to a bona fide English pub in St.Petersburg. Massive wooden furniture, a variety of beers on tap, and a selection of fine whiskeys; this place is a must visit if you are craving for an English pub drink and dine experience during the world cup. 

The Office


The Office : There is no way you could miss a football match at The Office; even if you wished to. There is a TV screen broadcasting football games on virtually every corner of this pub. A great place to visit if you don’t like being distracted from the game even for a moment! 



Dickens : The architecture, the furniture, the embossed wallpapers and Queen Victoria’s portrait make Dickens the fanciest among all English pubs in St.Petersburg. You could literally hear the place scream, “We are English!” This place is a delight for beer lovers. 



Shannon : Apple cider, 10 types of draft beer, 70 varieties of Whiskey, a selection of cocktails and delicious shish kebabs; what’s not to like about this place! Besides, if you have ever considered supporting a foreign team, the bar offers free shots to every visitor each time Russia scores a goal. Just saying! 



Bruxelles : Belgian beers and walls adorned with pictures of Brussels instantly notify you of the pub’s connection with Belgium. Bruxelles is a highly sophisticated pub and is hugely popular with the young crowd. The place’s cool and easy going ambiance never fails to work its charm on you! 



Barcelona : Barcelona is a concept gastro bar that unites sports with tapas. The bar specializes solely in Catalan cuisine and has climbed up the popularity charts quite rapidly in recent years. And no one in St.Petersburg makes better Sangria than these folks. 

Oh Sports


Oh Sports : Oh Sports is as authentic a Soviet bar as any in St.Petersburg. All drinks and snacks are made locally and you would not find a single imported item on the menu. A lot of local Russian players and commentators frequent this place due to its proximity to the Petrovsky stadium, which makes it an instant fan favourite. 

While you hop around these bars with your group-mates in St.Petersburg, make sure you have an arrangement in place for your local transportation. Considering that most of these places are packed with people even on ordinary weekends, you could expect the scenario during the world cup. You’d thus be better off reaching the venue on time, well before the game begins, to catch the best seats and to avoid heavy traffic in the lead up to the game. If you were to hire a private coach in St.Petersburg, it would then most likely fulfil this objective. 


In a private coach, you are assured of a cosy, comfortable ride to your destination. The travel time is minimised and you reach your destination at the right time. Moreover, they are ideal for group travel as they can hold up to 85-90 people easily. Smaller groups could hire minibuses or chauffeured cabs in which you could even travel as only a group of three. 


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The World Cup euphoria is not going to die down any time before the 15th of July. If you wish to enjoy a match while in St.Petersburg, head to any one of these spots and you won’t return disappointed; provided the country you support wins! 

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