Quick Reference Guide

Don’t know what you need? Not sure which vehicle to choose? Here is a quick reference guide and some tips regarding ground transfers for your next trip.

Before you select your mode of transport to get you to your destination, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Why do I need a private transport service for my excursion?

Hiring a private chauffeured car, a minibus or a coach is a better option than traveling via train or using some local taxi service. A private vehicle enhances your experience. You don’t need to reach the railway/subway stations on time for instance or wait for a cab. Your driver with the car is already waiting for you at your pickup spot.


With the on-demand ride sharing taxi services which are generally spur of the moment bookings, you need to identify availability at your pickup point and time as well as be prepared to pay significantly higher prices depending on demand and supply.

Private transport gives you the option of pre-booking the vehicle of your choice whether in destination or at destination. This will give you that all important seamless travel experience as everything is pre-booked just like a hotel or a flight and the chauffeured car is ready at the pick-up point before you arrive. A sense of privacy is maintained with this, unlike a ride-sharing service. A dedicated chauffeur will take you to your destination and will ensure that you have a comfortable ride.

When should I book private transfers for my holiday or business?

Planning your trip, before proceeding with actual bookings is always a good idea. It will give you some insight into your trip as well as the timelines. We suggest you complete your reservations a week before your trip so that you get some of the best fleet and supplier options to choose from. In case you have some specific requirements, an advance booking will ensure you get it.

How do I choose the right vehicle to book?

The choice of your vehicle depends on certain factors like your budget, number of travellers, your luggage, the type of the trip you have planned, i.e. the timeline and the locations you are planning to cover in that time.

Broad categories of available vehicles


There are several options available for cars, such as Compact, Economy, SUVs, MPVs and Luxury Limos. The compact and economy cars are small and generally fuel efficient and are a good option for people on a tight budget. However, if you have a lot of luggage, you should ideally opt for a larger vehicle. SUVs and MPVs are an excellent choice for a family road trip, as it offers plenty of space.

If you are a business traveller, attending a corporate meeting, or you just want to indulge in a luxury, you should go for a luxury car. Equipped with latest gadgets and complete with luxurious features and amenities, it identifies with your needs.


If you are a small group of friends and family, consisting of 10-15 people, the minibus is a perfect ground transfer option available for you. You hire a single vehicle instead of going with several small cars, thus reducing your cost of travel as well as helping the environment too by reducing your carbon footprint.


We are all under increasing pressure to do our bit for the environment. Coach hire is one way to help solve the problem as it is a greener way to travel. Not only a coach can comfortably accommodate 16 to 89 people, it is also the most environmentally friendly mode of transport currently available when CO2 emissions are calculated in kilograms per passenger per journey. With many luxury amenities, passenger convenience and ample luggage space, coach transport is the most suitable option for group travel of any size.

Chartered bus:

If you are planning a school trip or a company outing, a private charter bus is what you should book. It is a safe, clean and efficient travel option. It also has a lot of space to accommodate your luggage, hence allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey.

How do I save money when booking a car or a coach?

Book smart! Book in advance. Here are a few things you should consider before you book your private ground transfer.

  • Plan your day(s) / trip properly
  • Identify the route for your trip
  • Calculate the number of stops
  • Plan the number of hours you will travel on each day

Next, tweak your pick up, drop off locations and times by just a couple of hours. Choose your stops during the trip carefully. Compare the rates but also compare the vehicles for the trip you are planning. Choose from hundreds of options available to you. Book the vehicle that fits your requirements. With such sure shot planning, you will be surprised to see the amount of saving you will make by booking on TripCenter.

What should I check before confirming my service with the service provider?

  • Be careful with whom you are booking and at what price. The middlemen, i.e. the brokers often hike the supplier rates to earn a bit of commission. Make sure the hike is nominal or, contact the supplier directly.
  • Check supplier’s legal documents like Operator License, Fleet Insurance and others. If you book vehicles from suppliers who don’t have these documents, you should be alarmed as you might get into trouble in case of any accident or incident.
  • Make sure you get the vehicle that was shown to you. There are times when the vehicle that shows up is different from the one you booked, you should make sure that the replacement vehicle is like for like or a higher category vehicle than what you originally booked.
  • Apart from legal formalities, make sure you get a well-maintained vehicle that undergoes a complete safety and road worthiness inspection at regular intervals.

With TripCenter, you don’t need to worry about your supplier’s legal aspects or any of the third party brokers. We provide you completely transparent vehicle information and direct contact with the service providers. We also follow a strict procedure and quality control before TripCenter partner supplier can list a single vehicle on our website.

Supplier legal document checklist which will ensure your safety are:

  • Vehicle/fleet liability insurance
  • Company registration certificate or a trading licence
  • Operating licence

Which facilities will I get if I book a specific vehicle with a service provider?

Each vehicle has many facilities and amenities just like a hotel or an airline. Every supplier has a set of do’s and don’ts for each vehicle too. It would help you if you read these rules and other factors carefully before choosing the vehicle. Read reviews of suppliers and vehicles, compare vehicle make & model, registration year, passenger seats, luggage it can hold, its facilities and amenities with the rates provided before booking the vehicle of your choice from the supplier of your choice.

What if I want to hire the vehicle for a day or multiple days?

If you want to book a car or a coach for a day or more, a pre-booked confirmation before three days is a minimum requirement. Your scheduled vehicle and the driver that knows the route will be allocated to you at your service for up to 12 hours a day, and the driver will drop you at the last location of your planned trip.

As one old adage goes, “Enjoy the journey as much as the destination”. At TripCenter, we want you to have a memorable and pleasant ride regardless of distance, place and time. We hope that these guidelines help you with your booking dilemmas, and also with planning your ground transfers.

We also recommend that you visit our frequently asked questions page that covers many other questions you may have. If you are looking for a specific information and cannot find on our website, please send us a message and one of us will revert back to you promptly.