Planning a Dubai holiday? Hire a private car to maximize your trip fun quotient

Dubai has long established itself as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. And unlike other cities, its popularity has only increased with time. With the upcoming winter months, which is the best time to explore Dubai, the city will be the host of tourist attractions which attract millions of travelers from the world over every year.

The city has uniqueness in its hands, i.e. what makes Dubai so worthy of a visit is that while most tourist destinations boast of a combination of natural and manmade wonders that enchant its visitors, Dubai is all about jaw-dropping manmade structures that leave you gasping for breath. Be it the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the world’s most luxurious hotel Burj Al Arab, the underwater Al-Mahara Restaurant or the world’s largest choreographed fountain system The Dubai Fountain;

Dubai is replete with structures that will make you marvel at the sheer brilliance of the people who have conceptualized, designed and built them. The joy of exploring all these sites and more, however, may be diluted if you fail to make optimum arrangements for local transportation.

Talking about the transportation in Dubai, over 1.5m use public transport daily, this makes it difficult for the tourists to travel through it, thus raising out some problems which they need to face while traveling in public transportation during their Dubai holiday.

Dubai public transportation biggest hurdle for tourists during Dubai holiday

Being a highly frequented tourist destination, an efficient public transportation structure is in place in Dubai. However, a continuous influx of tourists renders it over-burdened. The metro network, the primary mode of public transport in the city, is located far off from most hotels and is highly inconvenient to travel to. It also does not connect non-centralised locations. The long and slow-moving waiting lines at the stations don’t help either.

But that’s not all! The main dilemma arises here is for the group travelers, it’s difficult for them to move around the different locations changing different public transports making it a tough travel for the one traveling with friends and family.

This issue is further compounded, as the group travelers would usually need multiple taxis to accommodate the entire traveling party, and thus traveling in these overpriced cabs day-in-day-out and multiple times in a day would do more harm than good to the budget.

Getting exhausted with this over-populated public transports and its drawback of not having available everywhere, tourists started using an easier and a better solution to this problem by opting for the private transfers like a car hire Dubai or a coach hire for their Dubai trip.

Let’s look into the insights of how traveling through a private car would be a better option for Dubai travel.

Dubai being a city where oil is cheaper than water, has subsidized fuel prices, due to which its relatively cheaper to travel through private car as they comparatively need less maintenance and are affordable, mean that people who live in or are on a Dubai holiday can indulge in exotic models of cars that they wouldn’t dream of in their home countries, giving them luxury with comfort during their travel.

Private car hire Dubai

Being it the most convenient option for traveling in Dubai, a private car hire in Dubai or a coach hire (if you are traveling in a group), gives a sense of relaxation as you don’t need to worry about how you are going to reach to the next tourist destination at this unknown place. Below are some factors which makes it increasingly apparent about some of the benefits of hiring a car.


Time efficient transportation

A substantial advantage of a car hire in Dubai is that pick-up and drops become extremely convenient. You can establish an itinerary following a complete Dubai trip planner to make it even easier. This saves a lot of time that is usually wasted when people go out looking for cabs individually and reach the destination at different times. The journey itself becomes time efficient and frees up more time for you to soak in the sights that Dubai has on offer.


Kids in car - Dubai holiday

Comfortable and luxurious to travel in

Private cars in Dubai are a truly modern vehicle in every sense. They are equipped with a variety of features and facilities such as a TV, Wi-Fi connection, etc, depending on what vehicle you choose. Here one just needs to relax and enjoy the pleasure that a comfortable and peaceful journey provides. For the one traveling in a group, a coach hire would be a better option as it provides the same luxury as private cars do. Whether it is a troika of childhood friends or an ensemble of 80-90 people, a private coach is spacious enough to accommodate them all. And the fact that everyone would travel together in a coach will add to the fun quotient of the travel.

Highly affordable means of transport

The economic sense of traveling in a private car or a coach is obvious. Booking multiple cabs for the whole day or hiring them every time you need to travel is always going to be far more expensive than hiring a single luxury vehicle for a whole day. The savings made are significant and that frees up some extra cash for you to utilize on more purposeful and pleasurable activities.

Coach hire - Dubai holiday

No worries about luggage

A major concern for large touring parties is handling the luggage; a problem further accentuated when you are forced to travel in smaller groups and in separate vehicles. But that ceases to be a problem when you hire a coach or a bigger transfer like a minibus where you could secure the entire luggage and keep it in one place. With these points and the fact that private transfers provide an entertaining and engaging journey are some of the reasons why some tourists opt for private transfers rather than traveling through public for their Dubai holiday.

Dubai is a city that defines luxury, style, and grandeur. It is a city that is best explored when your trip is hassle-free, hiring a private car will just let you do that! And If you are planning UAE holidays in 2018 make sure you don’t miss the events like the Dubai Shopping Festival and series of parades marking the UAE National Day.

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