8 reasons to pre-book an airport transfer

Family leaving the airport to begin their holiday

One question that starts the holiday conundrum.

So, it took you a good 2-3 days just to do a research on your destination that is influenced by your budget and who you are travelling with. But, this is where the first dilemma is. Should you book a holiday based on your budget? Or should you budget based on your holiday destination – what you want to see, explore and experience?

Nevertheless, you’ve booked your flight and found the perfect accommodation for your trip. But how are you getting from where you land to where you need to be? Or even from your home to the airport for that matter? Pre-booking your private transfer solves these problems. Many of you reading this blog will ask “How?” and “Why?” These I will explain in a minute.

Booking a holiday is an emotional ride

Let me quickly shade some light on the emotional journey of millions of travellers when they book a holiday. We know that for majority of travellers, thinking about how to get to or from airport or train station usually isn’t top of “to do” list. In fact, compared to the excitement of booking a flight (this requires a new blog in itself) or researching where you are going to stay and what you’re going to do on your trip, finding and booking a private airport transfer is probably at the bottom of the list. And for many it’s not even on the list, which they end up regretting many times.

It’s also fair to say that booking a transfer before you leave home will make travelling to the airport less stressful. Whether you’re a family with young children in need of a child seat, a group of friends wanting to travel together, a keen surfer or a skier who travels with oversized baggage, a business traveller or a deal-savvy holiday maker, booking an affordable airport transfer before you leave can be the final piece of the holiday puzzle.

The answers to the how and why

  1. At TripCenter, we are on a mission to simplify the way millions of people book a chauffeured transport for every trip, everywhere and every budget. We firmly believe it is important to enjoy the ride to enjoy the destination and it all starts with pre-booked airport transfers. Having affordable private airport transfers booked in advance gives you a frictionless travel experience and you have more time to enjoy the holiday.
  2. The start of your holiday becomes stress free and enjoyable the moment you land at your destination and you know who you have booked with, who your driver is and what you are travelling in. With TripCenter, you know in advance that only an expert, insured and licensed driver from a reputed and professional chauffeur company will be waiting for you in the arrival hall with a big smile. It makes a world of difference to your trip that your professional driver is waiting for you with a vehicle you selected instead of you waiting in line not knowing who it would be and what it would be.
  3. A quite common and often misguided conception amongst millions of travellers is that pre-booked private transfers are very expensive. It used to be a case before, but not any more thanks to TripCenter’s revolutionary comparison and booking site. Our proprietary digital technology offers full transparency, affordable prices without any hidden costs and content rich vehicle listings give travellers and transport providers direct access to each other. Travellers can instantly book their ideal private transfer quickly and easily without any booking fees on TripCenter. There are two major benefits to this. One, it creates a trust amongst the community of travellers and transportation providers and two, it enables a cashless ride with the full knowledge that all bookings and payments are backed up by our trust and safety policy.
  4. Pre-booking transfers take the worry out of your travel whether you are travelling domestically or internationally. When you are departing or landing early in the morning or late in the night, you don’t want to worry if there will be a taxi around and available when most people are sleeping. Pre-booked transfers give you a peace of mind knowing that an expert driver with local area knowledge is there to pick you up and get you to your destination safely and on time, every time.
  5. When you are travelling with friends, it is always better to organise transfers in advance. As a group, one taxi is not sufficient and that means splitting up which is going to be expensive and not ideal when you are in a foreign land. At TripCenter, over 60% of transfers booked are by family and friends. TripCenter is the only website that offers a comparison of an ideal mode of transport with instant booking confirmation whether it is an economy car, an executive limo, a people carrier, a minibus or a full size private chartered bus.
  6. For a family with young children, having pre-booked transfers when you go away is the best mode of transport. This way you can make sure that there is a child seat available for your infant or toddler. When you don’t pre-book, you would have to wait around a while for a taxi that can take you all, your luggage and stroller(s), which is not how you want to start your trip. Public transport is not an option when juggling an enthusiastic two-year old and lots of luggage!
  7. Having a pre-booked transfer is also financially sound as it is a cashless experience, you have already paid so no nasty surprises of a surge price taxi and you don’t have to deal with foreign currency when you arrive at a new destination. Additionally, you don’t have to explain to the driver where you want to go as the driver already knows where you are going.
  8. Safety and peace of mind while travelling are invaluable. After travelling for hours on a flight, the last thing you want to do is navigate the local transport systems where inevitably people make mistakes of metro stations or street names and end up further away from final destination. Having a pre-booked transfer takes the stress away, provides safety and peace of mind and you can think about what you want to eat or do first!

I hope this inspires you and puts you at ease when booking a private airport transfer for every trip, everywhere. Now you can take one more and perhaps a crucial thing off your travel list. Happy travels!

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