First Global Platform Connecting Coach & Tour Operators

TripCenter.NET is a new ground-breaking service set to completely transform the way GTOs (Group Travel Organisations) book group travel tours. The revolutionary portal condenses a complicated booking process into a straight-forward, time efficient system that will save time and money throughout the group travel sector in a way that has never been seen before.
This first of its kind service will transform the travel marketplace and provide a much-needed bridge between global demand and local supply. Whatever the requirement, whether a coach trip around the UK or another continent, TripCenter.NET will offer a live, real-time solution for group tours. Access to the platform is completely FREE to tour operators around the world.
Traditionally, GTOs are forced to spend precious time and resources manually searching for local coach operators and tour guides across the globe. TripCenter.NET collates a complete selection of verified and approved coach and tour guides, eliminating the need for pain-staking research and completely re-inventing the way GTOs book their itineraries.
Chirag Golwala, travel tech innovator & entrepreneur has spent two and a half years developing the platform. He says: “We know that coach operators currently function at around a 62% utilisation rate throughout the year. TripCenter.NET will help optimise coach utilisation rates for owners and businesses. We want to bring more business and exposure to operators all around the world.”
While the back-end of TripCenter.NET is highly complex, years of work have gone into making the site as easy to use as possible. The interface for users is simple yet comprehensive. There is no charge for GTOs and suppliers pay only a small commission upon confirmed bookings. All users are verified by TripCenter.NET to ensure a quality standard of service.
The time-consuming process of booking group tours across the globe once acted as a deterrent to those wanting to explore. TripCenter.NET eliminates this issue, empowering users with the ability to organise global travel with the click of a button.

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