Why do you need minibus hire service on your trip to India?

There are few countries in the world, if at all any, who can boast to have the kind of cultural, religious and linguistic diversity that India has. 

The lifestyles and culture (including folk music, dance, art, architecture, cuisine, philosophy, and even festivals) are vastly different from place to place in India. Every culture has its own festivals and the abundance of cultures in this nation means that the festive season never ends here. And to say that Indian festivals are vibrant would be a massive understatement!

Indians do not hold back when it comes to celebrating festivals. Music, dance, food, games; you name it and they have it! And what better way to explore the vibrancy and incredible country other than minibus hire service for you and your entire group?   

A particularly good time to visit India is from mid-August to early September. This is a time when the climate is pleasant owing to the monsoons and a lot of important festivals are packed in. India’s Independence Day also falls in this period (15th August) and is an occasion which heralds nationwide celebrations.

The festivities are best enjoyed in metro cities such as Mumbai and Delhi where the congregation of people belonging to different faiths and backgrounds is the catalyst for pompous celebrations of almost every festival in the country. If you plan to visit India around this time, there are 2 circuits which you could explore to make the best out of your trip; Mumbai – Pune and Delhi – Chandigarh.

Travel by Mumbai to Pune route

Mumbai to Pune route

In a nutshell, Mumbai could be described as the melting pot of all cultures in India. The bonhomie among the residents becomes obvious during the festivals. In early September, locals celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi (a festival in the honor of Lord Ganesha) by dancing away to loud drum beats and trumpets in the middle of the road. But at the exact same time, the city’s Jain community celebrates ‘Paryushan’, a festival in which they observe fasts and pray to God in peace and silence! And all of this happens in complete harmony! The nearby city of Pune is also quite similar with regards to its cultural mix.

The Mumbai-Pune circuit is also replete with tourist attractions. While Mumbai is home to the Gateway of India, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Global Vipassana Pagoda (the world’s largest meditation hall) and Elephanta Caves; Pune is a city where you find grand forts and palaces such as the Sinhagad Fort, Shaniwar Wada Fort, and Aga Khan Palace. Take the Mumbai to Pune bus route and get incredible experiences and memories to take back home.                  

Travel by Delhi to Chandigarh route

The Delhi-Chandigarh region gives you your best opportunity to experience Janmashtami celebrations, the birthday of Lord Krishna. The celebrators form a human pyramid, sometimes as high as 50 meters, without any safety equipment to break a pot tied high up in the air. Besides, the Independence Day celebrations are at their grandest best in India’s capital city Delhi. The Independence Day parade at Delhi’s Red Fort is better experienced than explained.

In Delhi, you can see the majestic Qutub Minar (world’s tallest brick minaret), India Gate, and Jama Masjid. Chandigarh, on the other hand, provides you with the opportunity to go pedal boating at the Sukhna Lake or appreciate some finely crafted sculptures at the Rock Garden. Both cities have a buzzing nightlife and you will find a host of posh pubs and restaurants to let your hair down. A minibus hire in Delhi can make your struggle of exploring the nightlife easy, as all you need to do is look out through your window to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Delhi to Chandigarh route

Why do you need a minibus hire service in these cities?

While a trip to either of these destinations is surely a tempting idea, the prospect of traveling in these cities could certainly turn out to be a massive dampener. But that, however, could become a much simpler and hassle-free process if you opt for a service like a bus hire in Mumbai or any of the other cities. Many times with bigger group adding up to 20-25 people and taking hiring multiple vehicles alters the itinerary because, given the traffic and road congestions, all the vehicles will not be able to maintain the time-frame. This is when 25 seater bus hire in Mumbai or similar cities emerges out as the best option.    

A solution to the inefficiency of India’s transport system

The transport system in India is not quite up to global standards and the big metro cities are no exception to that. The lack of infrastructure has left both the public and private transport systems in total disarray. Inefficiency is their defining characteristic. This problem, though, could be solved if you plan to take services like minibus hire in India. Minibus Service providers in India value their customers’ time. They take it as a responsibility to ensure that your schedule is not thrown off the track due to delays in local traveling and their experienced chauffeurs remain dedicated to this cause.

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