Mini bus hire Sydney – A must thing for your Sydney sojourn

Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular tourist cities. The capital of New South Wales hosted about 3.7 million international visitors between July 2016 and June 2017; making it a premier destination for any tourist planning an Australian holiday. Besides, the city also welcomed 9.5 million domestic visitors (out of approximately a 19.5 million Australian population outside of Sydney!) which is a testimony to its unfading charm. This is what the stats say and are the major reason why you need a minibus hire in Sydney.

Sydney is home to 2 of Australia’s most globally known tourist sites. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House are both located in this city. A journey on the Sydney Harbour Bridge provides travelers with a view of the Sydney Opera House; which is widely regarded as one of the best tourist experiences that Australia has to offer. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to experience the majesty of 2 of the most iconic sites in a city in exactly the same moment! The best option for tourists, especially group travelers, to enjoy this magnificent sight is to coach hire in Sydney. Couples and solo travelers, on the other hand, could opt for a luxury car hire in Sydney. This would make sure that your focus is not on driving, as it would be if you were to rent a car and drive it yourself, and you can spend your time just soaking in the sights.

Places of attraction and things to do in Sydney

While a view of the Sydney Opera House from the Harbour Bridge is nothing less than breathtaking, the actual magic of the Opera House obviously lies inside it. The theatre hosts performances from some of the top artists from Australia, across all art fields and sub-genres and is regarded as the hub of Australian art and culture. This performing arts center holds over 40 performances every week which means there is something for everyone’s tastes.

Australia being an island nation, there is no dearth of beaches in this country. But Sydney’s Bondi Beach is easily the most well-known of all Australian beaches. It is a great place for beach bums to chill; as it also is for surfing enthusiasts. The beach is quite popular among tourists from the UK, especially during the Christmas weekend.

A climb atop Sydney Harbour Bridge would literally take you at the top of the world; or at the top of Sydney at least! Visitors could climb this 440 feet tall bridge to enjoy a mind-numbing, panoramic view of the city. You could climb up the bridge at a time of your preference but the view at night, with the entire city bathed in lights, is just something else!

Another Sydney highlight is the Sydney Tower Eye and its open-air observation deck. Sydney Tower Eye is Australia’s second tallest free-standing structure and Southern Hemisphere’s second tallest observation tower. Skywalk, the 260 meters high glass-floored observation platform encircling the tower, offers a bird’s eye view of the city.

Besides these major Sydney attractions, tourists can visit Taronga Zoo, Sydney Wildlife World, Hyde Park, Manly beach, and museums such as the Australian Museum, Museum of Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, etc.

Sydney’s traffic woes and the solution to it – A minibus hire

Sydney’s traffic woes are well documented. The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian daily, bestowed the city with the title of ‘the congestion capital of Australia’ early last year. The paper also referenced a report by a top transport body to suggest that Sydney holds the dubious distinction of owning 7 of the 10 slowest roads in the country; all of whom feature average speeds of less than 20 km/hour! Besides, traffic in the city travels at a mere 29 km/hour and traffic conditions increase normal travel times by as much as 31%.

Commuting in Sydney is thus by no means a hassle-free process. While you obviously cannot control the traffic situation, you can certainly make your commutes a lot easier by choosing a minibus hire in Sydney with a driver to take you through your destinations if you are traveling in a large group. Smaller groups could go for a car hire in Sydney for the same purpose.

Traffic jams become bearable

Traffic jams are a tourist’s worst nightmare. Not only do they affect the tourists’ plans for the day, they also leave them irritated. And the situation gets even worse in Sydney owing to its hot climate. But when you opt for a minibus hire in Sydney, the situation at least becomes a lot more bearable. Unlike in cabs and public transport vehicles, your comfort and luxury are not compromised upon when you travel in a coach or a minibus. Coaches are equipped with facilities that make travel a luxurious experience. TV sets, Wi-Fi, world-class air conditioning; you name it and you have it!

Save time

With limited time available at their disposal, the last thing tourists want is losing a major chunk of it on congested roads. Sydney’s traffic is difficult to negotiate, all the more if you do not have driving experience in the city. But with the services of a chauffeur, you could expect to find a way around it.
Chauffeurs have pretty much spent their entire lives dealing with traffic. It is a part of their job and one that they do very well. Besides, being local residents, they also are aware of potential traffic jams and have knowledge of alternative, sometimes unknown routes too. And being the professionals that they are, they are fully committed to taking their passengers to their destination within the requested time.

Affordable transport

Traveling in chauffeured vehicles is not as expensive as people perceive it to be. Perhaps the quality of services offered in such vehicles may lead them to believe so but in reality, it would cost you far lesser than if you were to hire multiple cabs for the group each time you step out of your hotel.

Sydney is a value for money tourist destination. Hire a chauffeured vehicle to make sure it stays that way!

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