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As a traveller, when arriving at or departing from Manchester, you might be concerned and worried about your airport transfers or the most convenient way to travel from Manchester to Liverpool. With the changing commuting dynamics and everyday transport needs, you would want to look out for options which are more flexible, cost-effective and customer-friendly.

While one has the liberty to explore options while travelling alone, private chauffeured services or coach hire services let you travel the way you want to. Manchester airport to Liverpool coach hire or vice versa can work out well when travelling in big corporate groups, school/university trips and with families. Trains and taxis tend to be cumbersome with luggage, big groups and tight schedules. One cannot rule out the fact that booking taxis through brokers and online agents carry issues like fear of unauthorised, unknown driver without a trip-ready licensed vehicle. Last moment cancellation, surged up prices and unprofessional customer support cannot be ruled out.

On the other hand, you always have an upper hand, when you plan coach hire or book airport transfers with peer-to-peer online marketplace like TripCenter.

Not sure where to begin from?
Here’s a handy list to guide you to BOOK the most suitable airport transfers.
  • Point to point transfers / day hire, multi-day hire
  • 3 seater cars – 89 seater luxury passenger coaches
  • You can choose your own vehicle (1000+ vendors)
  • Extremely suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • Dedicated chauffeur waits for you for pickup/ drop beforehand
  • Travel time from  Manchester airport to Liverpool  is 45-60 minutes
  • Private chauffeured transport comes to you
  • Live pricing available
  • Confirmed pre-booking of vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time possible
  • Higher the number of seats booked, lower is the cost
National Express Bus /
Coach Travel
  • Point to point transfers
  • Public transport
  • You cannot choose your vehicle
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • You need to port your own luggage/reach station
  • Travel time from Manchester airport to Liverpool  is 60 minutes + the time taken to reach station from your destination/ hotel
  • Tickets can be pre-booked
  • Fixed pricing
  • Free luggage/bag as 1 per person. For every additional bag , need to pay extra
  • Cannot book tickets / seats in bulk
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost
Online Travel
  • Airport transfers
  • 3 seater cars – 16 seater passenger minibuses
  • You cannot choose your vehicle – supplied by vendor
  • Suitable for limited group size and luggage
  • No dedicated chauffeur assigned / need to wait for the vehicle to arrive
  • Travel time from Manchester airport to Liverpool  is 45-60 minutes
  • Need to consider time taken by van/taxi to arrive post booking
  • Variable transport options
  • Variable pricing – subject to change without notice
  • Cannot book vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost
Ride Hailing
  • Point to point transfers
  • 3 seater cars – 6 seater vans
  • You cannot choose your vehicle – supplied by vendor
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • No dedicated chauffeur assigned / need to wait for the vehicle to arrive
  • Travel time from Manchester airport to Liverpool  is  45-60 minutes
  • Need to consider time taken by van/taxi to arrive post booking.
  • Variable transport options
  • Variable pricing – subject to change without notice
  • Cannot book vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost


As you read, we are sure you will be able to choose the most suitable transport mode for you keeping in mind your budget, comfort and ease of travelling. Along with transport, get useful information about nearby places, hotels and other details which will help make your stay and travel prompt and in accordance to your needs.

Travelling by Public Transport

The basic fare for a single standard ticket without any add-ons and taxes is from £14 while travelling from Manchester airport to Liverpool by train.

Direct trains, 7 days a week, run between Manchester airport and Liverpool with a travel time of 60-65 minutes.

The Manchester airport station is located near the airport and is 10-15 minutes’ walk away which has an indoor skylink walkway eliminating the need of any coach or shuttle.

Distance between Liverpool and Manchester Airport is 35 miles

Manchester Airport is well connected with various destinations by a number of bus services running through most hours of the day and with services available on weekends and holidays too.

Manchester is well connected to Liverpool by every public transport/ground transport facility. Trains, buses and coaches have high frequency of operations and operate from early morning till late hours of the night.

Private Ground Transport Services

Booking a taxi is easy as you can get a taxi for Liverpool from each terminal.

Each terminal is well equipped with taxi services and the approximate fare or cost of travelling from Manchester airport to Liverpool would be £40–£45 with travel time of about 45 minutes.

One can easily book an Uber from every terminal of Manchester airport to Liverpool. While taxis will cost you £40–£45 for Manchester airport to Liverpool ride, an Uber may cost you high depending upon the availability and surge in prices

The traditional black cabs are still a delight for many. But with rise in number of public and private vehicles commuting on daily basis, these taxis take up as long as an hour or slightly more; depending on the traffic status of a particular day.

Dedicated and trusted private ground transport services providers are the best sources to book your coach hire services. One can easily book coach hire services with TripCenter, UK’s 1st online peer-to-peer marketplace, which has every small and big coach vendor offering their services at the most competitive prices.

Private Chauffeured Services

Manchester has a very robust network of Private transfer or ground transport. Of course one can take the taxi available from the airport terminal or book an Uber, but all of these options will be subject to availability at the time of your arrival.

Dedicated Airport Transfers

The biggest advantage to hiring a cab and chauffeur services is that you not only get point to point services but get a private chauffeured vehicle at your service. While you have options available from various ground transport service providers and Manchester airport chauffeur services too, hiring your cab through TripCenter gives you few added advantages like live price updates, vehicle of your choice and licensed professional chauffeurs.

When you hire a coach for Manchester, you automatically avail door-to-door pick and drop services allowing you to travel more comfortably and with peace of mind. Booking coach hire services also benefit you for your luggage porting and ensure you a professional chauffeur for the entire trip. TripCenter’s dedicated coach hire services for Manchester airport offer you all the perks of luxury, comfort and assured trip.  BOOK NOW

Hiring executive coaches can be tricky. One, because, you need to transport a big group and delays in such travel can disrupt your entire travel plan. Two, because, while you hire executive coach, the cost involved is big; giving you no scope to experiment. When transparency is a vital factor, you cannot afford to take chances and which is why availing executive coach hire services through TripCenter eliminates you of these two risk factors giving you pre-travel confirmed booking, at your price. What’s more, your dedicated executive coach waits for you at your doorstep and drops you right at the desired destination.

Hotels Near Manchester

When looking for decent hotels while travelling from Manchester airport to Liverpool or near the airport, it is advisable to look for options in nearby locations of Stockport, St. Helens, Haydock and Knowsley in Manchester and Liverpool.

Stockport near Manchester has names like Wycliffe Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Stockport, Premier Inn Stockport South Hotel, Travelodge Stockport hotel which are quite famous for their hospitality. Haydock and Knowsley areas near Liverpool also have many good hotels like Hotel ibis Styles Haydock, Travelodge Haydock St. Helens, Mercure Haydock Hotel, Suites Hotel Knowsley, Griffin Inn and the Eccleston Arms.

Manchester is home to some of the finest names and brands in the hospitality industry. While some are located exactly near the terminal exit, few others are located a little away, but not so far so as not to allow you to catch a breath of luxury and indulgence.

Radisson Blu

Clayton Hotel

Crowne Plaza

Airport Inn

Premier Inn North

Hilton Hotel

Premier Inn is UK’s largest hotel brand, with a sprawling network of 750+ hotels and 65,000 rooms across globe. Offering options for leisure and business, one can find a Premium Inn hotel on every route and every popular destination.

Places of  Interest

Think Manchester and the words Football and MUFC spill out immediately. Think Manchester and the first thing to come to mind is Glory Glory Man Utd. That’s not because the city has got a long association with a Football club; but that’s because the city breathes Football and only Football. With one of the world’s largest Football Club – Manchester United Football Club and Manchester City Football Club borrowing their names and getting associated with the place, surely one cannot miss the Sports fervour of the place. So while planning your 5 top places to visit in Manchester, sports will dominate your itinerary.

  1. Old Trafford –With a roaring crowd of 75,000 spectators, the Old Trafford Stadium is the 3rd largest stadium in the United Kingdom and is home to the Manchester United Football Club. While you would not want to miss out on any corner of the Stadium, Unique Tours – conducted by the FC authorities will make you go crazy. Taking you through the eyes of Legends, this day tour is a special package rolled out for families wanting to live and experience the Old Trafford thoroughly. Inclusive of the Museum and dining experience at the Red Cafe, this tour is priced at £25 for Adults and £18 for Kids. Pull out your MUFC Jerseys and shout your way along the tour!
  2. National Football Museum –Fulfil your appetite for more Football as you visit the National Football Museum. Located in the heart of the city – Manchester City Center at Urbis Building, this Museum has will make your eye pop-out wide and jaw drop, for each and every item belonging to the football memories has been preserved here. What more can you delight you other than a simulator to test your passing the ball or scoring a corner? Entry to this museum is by tickets which can be purchased online and is open from 10 am to 5 pm.
  3. Manchester Three Rivers –Ever wondered how your favourite Gin flavour is concocted by mixing various flavours and tastes. How about giving it a shot in real when it is concocted live in front of you? Manchester Three Rivers is all about modern day Gin distillery and the experience that goes behind making the iconic Manchester Three Rivers Gin. Take a tour, see for yourself the intricacies involved in blending to get the right taste and try out your hand at mixing and preparing some! Each tour lasts for 3 hours and yes, you have guessed it right – the tour ends right at their bar!
  4. The Crystal Maze Manchester – Yes, you have heard it right. The 90’s crazy show which had taken the world by the storm is live again in front of you. Test your senses and abilities and march ahead in the quest of your own Crystal Maze Hunt! The entire experience takes about 2 hours and its entry is through tickets.
  5. Manchester Cathedral – Add a tinge of sanctity and sacredness to your Manchester tour when you plan to visit the historical Manchester Cathedral. Commissioned in 1421, this church was made a Cathedral in 1847 and happens to be one of the most exciting pieces of history in the land of Manchester.

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