Getting around the Istanbul new airport – a monument to the victory of Turkey

Istanbul, one of the major cities of Turkey, launched the world’s largest airport on October 29, marking the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey’s ambitious and visionary president, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled the airport and named it the “Istanbul Airport”.

Read on to find out what new the airport has to offer other than the enormous size.

The airport project was initiated in 2015 and roughly costs $12 Billion. Covering the total project area of 76.5 million square meters on the shore of the Black Sea, it has the capacity of 200,000 or more passengers passing through daily. With the expectation of 2,000 planes going through the airport to over 350 destinations by over 250 carriers, it’s definitely creating a buzz in the aviation industry.

Apart from the large square feet area, the airport has an enthralling interior, paying homage to Turkish and Islamic designs. The Istanbul airport control tower with its striking tulip-shaped design has won the 2016 International Architecture Award. Moreover, the airport in future will have six runways, once all of its phases are up and running.

Control tower-Istanbul airport


The Istanbul grand airport is definitely advanced, with respect to technology. Stepping into the new tech-hack of artificial intelligence, the airport has developed a high-tech security system for its customers. Use of energy efficient gadgets and unique mobile application for the travelers will make it easy for them to roam around in such a big space. The unusual use of technology is one of the main reasons this airport is gaining popularity already. The airport offers an open and closed parking lot with the capacity of serving 70,000 automobiles.

The Istanbul airport aims to bring the world closer. Being the major hub at the intersection of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, it would act as a big competitor for the current hub airports in the Middle East such as in Doha and Dubai, thus ceasing Turkey’s existing main airport – Ataturk International Airport’s activities.

A direct flight is increasingly popular so, when it comes to single-stop itineraries that go from Asia to Europe and Europe to Asia, this airport is undoubtedly going to acquire a considerable market share. Moreover, as Istanbul is better located, it would act as a hub to some parts of Africa also.



Due to Turkey’s East-meets-West location, this airport could act as a major travel hub, making it an essential player in the world aviation segment. As the existing domestic air transport market in Turkey is quite strong, it will surely boost the Turkish economy, generating a few jobs. This airport intends to become one of the busiest shortly.

Above all the great shares that the airport is providing, one thing that can act as a hurdle for its traveler is its distance from the central city. It is nearly 50 km to the north of the city, which means you need to travel via metro, road or high-speed train or opt for private airport transfers to reach the airport.

As a solution to this, a broad construction to connect the airport to the rest of the city has started. A metro line connecting the airport to the city, 20 miles away is underway.  Meanwhile, buses or some private transfers can shuttle passengers to the terminal from over 18 locations across the city. A new smartphone application has been developed to help guide passengers from the city to the terminal.

As the Turkey president said, “This is not only an airport, it’s a monument to victory”. The outcome of the great hardships of its workers is seen in its mesmerizing beauty, thus giving it the well-deserved “world’s largest airport” fame.

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