How a limo service could accentuate your US open 2018 experience

The US Open Tennis Championships are knocking on our doors. Starting August 27th, the two-week tournament would play out at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. The 137-year-old competition is one of the sport’s most popular tournaments and is a special draw for ardent tennis fans as it is the last of the four major annual tournaments.

The US Open witnesses all the major names in the sport, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, the Williams sisters (Serena and Venus) and Maria Sharapova, fight tooth and nail to claim the championship. The high competitive standard of the event and the tournament’s penchant to spring up upsets every now and then makes the US Open a fan favorite among tennis aficionados. You’d hardly ever see a match played in front of partly filled stands; even if it involves lower ranked players.

If you are in New York City around the time the US Open is held, you may as well head to the tennis courts to enjoy some live sports. While the idea of catching up on a game is more of an obvious choice than an option for tennis fans, even those who do not have a particularly keen interest in the sport should not miss out on the opportunity. The atmosphere at the arena is electrifying, to say the least, and it provides a rich, memorable sporting experience.

Getting to the venue

New York’s transport network is efficient and provides good connectivity to every part of the city. Getting to the venue is not a problem in terms of connectivity but a few other factors do make the journey a lot more arduous.

The venue for the event is located in New York City’s Queens Borough. Queens is one of New York’s busiest areas and holds a large chunk of the city’s population with over 2.3 million residents. 2 of the world’s busiest airports, LaGuardia Airport, and John F Kennedy International Airport are both situated here. Both airports together served more than 88 million passengers in 2017, taking the daily average to more than 240,000 passengers. Naturally, this takes a toll on Queens’ transport network. Traffic jams are not any different in this borough and it usually takes hours for the traffic to clear out once the roads get congested. To avoid such a mayhem, you could prebook the airport limo service, ensuring you have not only timely transfers to the hotel but also the best in class.

What makes this situation worse is that matches with top billing at the US Open are usually held in the evenings; during the peak rush hour traffic. This scheduling further compounds the problem of accessing the venue. And at times when the roads are not decongested quickly, your journey back to the hotel may take up a lot more time than expected and your plans for the rest of the evening could go for a toss.

Hire a limousine service to ease out your traveling issues

Hiring a limousine service in NewYork City for US Open could prove to be the single most effective solution for easing out your transportation woes. The perks of a limousine service hire for US Open are manifold and the following factors illustrate the same quite effectively.

Reach the venue on time

There is never a good time to reach late for an event; particularly if the event offers the prospect of a thrilling contest between 2 world class sportspersons. But New York’s traffic could very well make you late for the match and miss out on some exciting moments. Chauffeured vehicles though are almost a surety that you would reach the stadium on time. Chauffeurs take great pride in their ability to ferry their passengers to their destination in the nick of time and things will be no different with your limo chauffeur.

Engage in some fun & banter with your companions

Even the smallest of limos could hold a troika of people while the larger ones may even accommodate up to a dozen people. Engage in some banter with your friends, discuss the game on your return journey and enjoy a truly fun-filled ride with a limousine service hire for US Open.

Prevent the traffic from dampening your spirits

If your hotel is located a fair distance away from the stadium, the long trip could dampen your spirits and reduce your anticipation for the match. But when you travel in a limo, the comfort of the vehicle along with your favorite snack, your favorite movie and the company of your friends would prevent your enthusiasm from sagging and ensure that you have a jolly good time right throughout the day.

Enjoy a truly luxurious ride

Would you rather like to travel in a dingy cab or an overpopulated metro compartment, or would you prefer a spacious and luxurious vehicle that assures you of a cozy ride? The answer to this question is obvious and so should be your choice of vehicle.

Travel safe

Safety is of utmost importance when you hire a ride. Limousine chauffeurs regard passenger safety as a top priority and use their experience and expertise to ensure a safe journey for their passengers.

Stand out from the crowd

Who wouldn’t want to have heads turning their way upon their arrival at a venue? Hiring a limousine service for US Open is a sure-shot way of garnering public attention the moment you step out of the vehicle. A little moment in the sun never did anyone any harm!


Late August to early September is quite a wonderful time period to visit New York. It is about the time when summer ends and the fall season sets in. The climate is pleasant and ideal for exploring this mega city.

Besides the US Open, you could indulge in some fun activities and visit some of the most popular tourist sites in the city to make your trip a memorable one. Hire a limousine service in New York to make sure it stays that way and for the right reasons.

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