Football coach and minibus hire at unbelievably affordable prices

The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever has gripped everyone. From the hosts Russia to the debutants Panama, everyone’s excited, geared up, biting nails and sitting on the seat’s edge for the anticipated thrillers. And when the global stage is set on fire, how can the local and young Messi and Ronaldo be left out?

Enjoying a game of football, rugby or netball with your buddies and family is always exciting. However, one question that plagues everyone is the ride to and from the stadium, especially on a crowded match day. Imagine getting all geared up for an adrenaline rushing match, but spending a great amount of time on the road getting there!

This is where our comfortable and affordable service of minibus or coach hire comes handy. Travel in comfort, hassle-free with your family and friends, without burning a hole in your pocket. Rather than taking a train or driving for miles to reach your nearest stadium, call your personal minibus and coach to do just that.

What are the benefits of hiring a coach or a minibus for your football game?


If you are looking for an easy transfer to your choice of stadium or location, nothing can beat the numerous benefits of travelling in a coach or minibus and for that matter hiring one.

Travelling to a distant location with your friends can pose to be a challenge at times; especially if it involves going for a group event with a large group. Getting train tickets arranged for everyone or taking individual cars with the group all scattered about, is not an affordable option and nor a feasible one.

Coach or minibus hire is easily an inexpensive way to travel with your large group. You have a designated driver to take you around; all of you can sit comfortably together and not tire yourself with the journey.

A crowded match day is definitely not a pleasant one to get around, especially if you are travelling in a large group. You would have to wait for a long time at the train station to board the train or have a tiring time travelling yourself.

Enjoy a relaxed time with your family or friends travelling together for your favourite match. Most of the coaches come with pre-installed on-board TVs and audio devices to keep you entertained through your journey and back.

Refreshment breaks:
You can enjoy refreshments break anytime you want with our coach and minibus hire service. Depending on the length of the journey you may opt for a break or two to sip on some coffee or tea or if you have a nature’s call coming.

Many of the coaches come fixed with toilets and tea/coffee arrangements; however, you have the freedom to take a break anywhere you like.
An in-built toilet or refreshment unit depends on the vehicle and the number of people travelling as well.

With your private coach or minibus you do not need to worry about allocating a common spot to pick your friends. The driver will pick everyone from your designated location or from near your home. Forget travelling to a train station and investing in a lot of time to get there. Your private coach hire can also arrange multiple drop-offs, as per your convenience.

No stoppage:
At times you may be required to switch your trains, if it is a long journey. With a coach and minibus hire, you will be taken to your destination directly. Enjoy a journey full of fun with your family and friends before enjoying your exciting match.

Group travel:
If you are a group of say 6 or less, then probably going in your car or a train would be alright. However, if it is a large group of more than 50 people, taking a coach is your best bet. Larger the group, easier it is on everyone’s pocket. The cost will be distributed evenly and you can all travel together to watch your favourite game.

Let us take a quick look at few coaches that are actually worth the cost and comfortable to sit.

TripCenter has a wide variety of audience and customers across geographies that include schools, tour service providers, football clubs, etc. Our travel partners offer coaches that are designed to meet all types of requirements spanning across budget, distance and even size.

Standard coaches:
These coaches are designed for comfort and have all basic amenities to ensure you have a great journey. With vehicles that can accommodate more than 50 people, our standard coaches are well maintained and extremely clean.

They have a television at the front of the coach with speakers placed across the coach. All coaches have standard legroom and arm rest, under floor storage as well as a toilet to make your journey hassles-free.

Luxury coaches:
These premium coaches are designed to exude comfort and luxury, unlike standard coaches. Some of them come with televisions in every seat along with headphone jacks as well as seat-specific speakers.

Almost the entire coach is equipped with leather seats, cushioned arm-rests, extra legroom, and comfortable footrests. If you are travelling for an overnight journey, you can enjoy absolute comfort in our luxury coaches.

Standard minibus:
Minibuses are ideal for a small group of people. Our standard minibus comes with basic fitments and amenities. These include small storage compartments, built-in audio system and some also have televisions fitted in them.

Since they do not have curtains fitted in them or on-board toilet facility, it may not be ideal for long distance journeys.

Luxury minibus:
Luxury minibuses have extra legroom and most of them are equipped with modern day gadgets. These include a full-fledged television system with built-in speakers as well as reclining seats to enjoy a comfortable overnight journey.

Since there is a space crunch due to its size, these minibuses are not equipped with on-board toilet facility.

Along with our football coach and minibus hire service, let’s take a quick look at few popular stadiums around the world that you can enjoy or aspire to someday play at.


Wembley, UK:
This magnanimous stadium is home to the English Football Team and hosts a number of matches from Premier league to Rugby leagues Challenge cup, etc. Besides these amazing matches, the stadium is also used to host live concerts, weddings as well as large symposiums.

Old Trafford, UK:
This is the home ground of Manchester United football team and is nick-named the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. The stadium hosts a number of national and international matches that are regaled by millions of football enthusiasts every year.


Camp Nou, Spain:
This gorgeous stadium is the home ground for the Barcelona football team and is the biggest stadium of Spain. It has witnessed some historic matches and has hosted a number of big players of football, including Lionel Messi.


Azteca, Mexico:
It is one of the popular football stadiums of the world having hosted two FIFA world cup finals, successfully. It definitely holds a special place amongst the football fraternity and has a seating capacity of more than 100,000 spectators.

The Allianz Arena, Germany:
It is home to Bayern Munich, European football champions, and has a seating capacity of more than 70,000 spectators. It’s gorgeous infrastructure is testament to the ever-lasting love for this game. You can enjoy an exhilarating match with your friends at this stadium during match season, hassle-free.


Anfield, UK:
It is home to Liverpool FC and is best known for its electrifying effect on European nights. It does not hold a huge seating capacity; however, it is one stadium that you should visit during a full match season.

Whether it is a local game or travelling to your favourite stadium faraway, beat the rush and stress by hiring coach and minibus service today with TripCenter!

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