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Like a poetry flowing, making you fall in love with every stanza, Florence is no less than poetry. This Tuscany city is popular for being the seat of Renaissance, the dawn of new age in the European countries and forever end of the black dark ages. Art, architecture, culture, natural landscape – there’s everything one needs to feel heavenly and out of this world.
Visiting this Tuscan city and its nearby places is an experience in itself. Rome, the capital city, is not far from Florence and is an important destination worth visiting. Travelling to Rome from Florence is easy, efficient and gives you many options like train, coach hire services, minibus hires, taxi and ride hailing services like Uber.

Coach hire from Florence to Rome can work out well when travelling in big corporate groups, school/university trips and with families. Trains and taxis tend to be cumbersome with luggage, big groups and tight schedules. One cannot rule out the fact that booking through unknown sources and online agents carry issues like fear of unauthorised, unknown driver without a trip-ready licensed vehicle. Last moment cancellation, surged up prices and unprofessional customer support cannot be ruled out.

On the other hand, you always have an upper hand, when you plan coach hire or book airport transfers with peer-to-peer online marketplace like TripCenter.

Not sure where to begin from?
Here’s a handy list to guide you to BOOK the most suitable Florence to Rome transfers transfers option.
  • Point to point transfers / day hire, multi-day hire
  • 3 seater cars – 89 seater luxury passenger coaches
  • You can choose your own vehicle (1000+ vendors)
  • Extremely suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • Dedicated chauffeur waits for you for pickup/ drop beforehand
  • Average travel time from Florence to Rome is 3 hours
  • Private chauffeured transport comes to you
  • Live pricing available
  • Confirmed pre-booking of vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time possible
  • Higher the number of seats booked, lower is the cost
  • Point to point transfers
  • Public transport
  • You cannot choose your vehicle
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • You need to port your own luggage/reach station
  • Average travel time from Florence to Rome is 1 hour 30 minutes + the time taken to reach station from your destination/hotel
  • Tickets can be pre-booked
  • Fixed pricing
  • Free luggage/bag is 2 per person. for every additional bag, need to pay extra
  • Can not book tickets / seats in bulk
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost
Online Travel
  • Point to point transfers
  • 3 seater cars – 16 seater passenger minibuses
  • You cannot choose your vehicle – supplied by vendor
  • Suitable for limited group size and luggage
  • No dedicated chauffeur assigned / need to wait for the vehicle to arrive
  • Average travel time from Florence to Rome is 3 hours
  • Need to consider time taken by van/taxi to arrive post booking
  • Variable transport options
  • Variable pricing – subject to change without notice
  • Cannot book vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost
Ride Hailing
  • Point to point transfers
  • 3 seater cars – 6 seater vans
  • You cannot choose your vehicle – supplied by vendor
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • No dedicated chauffeur assigned / need to wait for the vehicle to arrive
  • Average travel time from Florence to Rome is 3 hours
  • Need to consider time taken by van/taxi to arrive post booking
  • Variable transport options
  • Variable pricing – subject to change without notice
  • Cannot book vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost


As you read, we are sure you will be able to choose the most suitable transport mode for you keeping in mind your budget, comfort and ease of travelling. Along with transport, get useful information about nearby places, hotels and other details which will help make your stay and travel prompt and in accordance to your needs.

Travelling by Public Transport

Average travel time from Rome to Florence by train is 1 hour and 30 minutes. A direct train takes 1 hour 15 minutes on an average to travel from Rome to Florence.

Popular operators like Baltour, flixbus, Italo and Trenitalia offer affordable and top-notch train services between Florence and Rome. Additionally by using various rail cards, one can lower the fare considerably.

Distance between Florence and Rome is 271 km by road and by train it is 232 km.

Private Ground Transport Services

Florence to Rome by coach can be best way to travel. Though it takes a little more time than train, coach hire from Florence gives you the flexibility to be picked up from your desired point and dropped at your convenience and ease, not forgetting to halt in between whenever required for some sightseeing or enjoying the beauty of the landscape. TripCenter, brings at your fingertip, ample of vetted and assured coach or minibus hire service vendors offering the best professional services. BOOK NOW

The approximate fare or cost of travelling from Florence to Rome by a private taxi would start from €450 with travel time of about 3 hours. It is always advisable to compare prices, check with local operators and then pre-book a private taxi or hire chauffeured cabs.

Dedicated and trusted private ground transport services providers are the best sources to book your coach hire services. One can easily book coach hire services with TripCenter, UK’s 1st online peer-to-peer marketplace, which has every small and big coach vendor offering their services at the most competitive prices. BOOK NOW

Private Chauffeured Services

Private ground transport is one option which offers you broad spectrum benefits like saving on travel time, unmatched quality, comfort, style and price. Ground transport services range from cabs and minibuses to coaches and buses, explicitly offering a wider basket of options for travelling. When one compares the cost of an adult passenger travelling from Florence to Rome, coaches scores high. Consider aspects of luggage, large travelling group, convenience of place and time for pick/drop and mid-way sightseeing and pocket-friendly pricing, no other option can give you liberty of enjoying your travel like a dedicated hired coach service will. BOOK NOW

Dedicated Airport Transfers

The biggest advantage of booking airport transfer is that you not only get point to point services but get a private chauffeured vehicle at your service. While you book airport transfers through TripCenter, you automatically avail few added advantages like live price updates, vehicle of your choice and licensed professional chauffeurs.

At times to hire airport transfers services can be tricky. One, because, you need to transport a big group and delays in such travel can disrupt your entire travel plan. Two, because, while you hire airport coach, the cost involved is big; giving you no scope to experiment. When transparency is a vital factor, you cannot afford to take chances and which is why availing airport transfers through TripCenter eliminates you of these two risk factors giving you pre-travel confirmed booking, at your price. What’s more, your dedicated coach or minibus waits for you at your doorstep and drops you right at the desired destination.

Hotels Near Rome


City Center is the best place for you to enjoy your Roman vacation. Conveniently located are major hotel names, offering the best of services. Enjoy the monuments by the day, indulge in some authentic Italian cuisines and splash yourself into the hotel pool by evening to calm your senses. Here are the some of the best names located in the Roman City Center.

Demetra Hotel Rome

Hotel City

Hotel Center Rome

Hotel Canada

Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center

Courtyard by Marriott Rome Central Park

The real essence of a city lies in local food and precisely not in the plush upscale restaurants but more so in the cheap eats option available, at the street side cafe or a small corner restaurant. Why when in Rome, why not do as the Romans do! And what better than storming some of the best known modest eateries and indulge in some exotic Italian cuisine binge eating but making sure that the purse is least disturbed!


La Renella

Trattoria Vecchia Roma

Hamburgerseria / Burger Bar

Kathmandu Fast Food

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Places of Interest


Photography and travelling have been synonyms of each other or can be called as inseparable partners. Emerging social media platforms and photo sharing tools have surpassed any other activities while travelling and photos, photography and selfie have taken the center stage. Now that when you are in Rome, why should you let this chance slip out of your hands? Rome has some of the best spots for photos and instagram uploads. So make the most of these spots and let everyone on your friend list turn green with jealousy.

  • Rome from Colosseum’s Top Floor (3rd Floor) – How can you be in Rome and not visit the Colosseum. But the real trick in enjoying what it was to witness the Gladiators battling it there in the Great Colosseum is from the top floor of this monument which is the 3rd floor. General entry ticket will not permit you to go there. But now if you don’t slog a little for all those instagram likes and facebook comments, you haven’t really slogged, have you?
  • Castel Sant Angelo – Once a military base, the mausoleum built by Emperor Hadrian gives a magnificent view of St. Peter’s Basilica dome – the most powerful Christian structure in the world.  And just as you remain in aww admiring the dome romancing the sky, will you catch the glimpse of the beautifully lit Bridge of Angles built on the river Tiber flowing through the city. The scenic beauty will leave you baffled and will make you feel honestly this site needs no filters.     
  • Gianicolo (Janiculum Hill) – Rome’s view from this hill is something which will make you visit Rome again and again. You can have a bird’s eye view of not only the city about also the neighbouring Castelli Romani stretched across the Alban Hills. Have a bite, sip beer and enjoy the city’s skyline, rooftops and the feel the pace of the city slowing down. Click selfies, adjust the camera for some panoramic view or just sit and enjoy the cool breeze rejuvenating you.      
  •  Ancient Ruins – After the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica, if there’s another monument which can make you jump and scream in excitement are the Ancient Ruins of the Roman Forum. Claimed to be the power center, this Forum was the epitome of Roman Kingdom and governance. Now to view these magnanimous ruins, you need to climb atop the nearby Capitoline Hill, which is among the 7 famous hills of Rome. A view from this hill will make you fall in love with Rome all over again.
  • Orange Garden (Giardino degli Aranci) – Savello Park or Parco Savello, fondly known as Giardino degli Aranci is perched atop the Aventine hill and offers an extensive view of Roman history standing all as monuments and also the most magnificent uninterrupted view of the Vatican. You need to be here to know why Rome is known as one of the most romantic city in the world. Get going, let the shutters click the best of Rome and you and let your social media rave about Rome trip.

Rome is waiting for you to explore but if you are running out of time, here is a quick list to get a glimpse of Florence and yet not miss out on the essence of what Rome is all about and what is has to offer to every traveller.

  1. Colosseum – The gladiators are waiting for you. Are you ready?
  2.   St. Peter’s Basilica / Vatican – The power seat of the Catholic faith, this is the official residence of the Pope.
  3. Trevi Fountain – The iconic Baroque fountain of Rome and one of the most famous fountains of the world, you know you should not be missing out on this.  
  4.  Roman Forum – From where the Roman Emperors ruled, the center of power, the Roman Forum and the surrounding ruins will take you back to one of the most powerful civilisation of the world.   
  5. Pantheon – Built by the ancient Romans as a temple of their Gods, this structure was later converted into a Church when Papal supremacy overtook the Roman culture. Even the legendary Roman scholar Michelangelo was awestruck by this structure – which means you cannot dare to miss this.  

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