When innovation meets technology – change the way your coach hire business works


Ground transport has always been a flourishing dynamic industry. And why not, every country’s economy moves on the wheels of ground transport. Private ground transport has played a pivotal role in boosting a country’s tourism, its visitor friendly image and revenue generation through domestic and international visitors.

A flourishing industry also means an extremely competitive environment with newer businesses, ideas and competitors multiplying at an exponential rate. The market size may or may not increase but increase in excessive suppliers leads to disproportionate supply demand ratio, resulting negatively on the businesses and the ground transport suppliers and vendors.

Private Players’ Woes

Every private ground transport player whether big or small, has similar business working plan. Their biggest business is through the tie-ups with various travel partners. But only those in the business know how hard they need to work and slog to get business through this chain.

  • Price Game – Price negotiation is one of the biggest hurdles that any private ground transport company faces while dealing with tie-ups. In most cases, the deal ends up as a Lose – Win situation for the company and their travel partner. While you may end up with bagging business and using your ground transport fleet through these tie-ups and partners, your partners will always have an upper hand.
  • Fluctuating Business – Another hidden factor which cannot be ruled out here is that a private company’s business is dependent on the travel partner’s business calendar. Which means, if the travel partner has a slack season or is not operating due to their reasons, its effect translates to low or no business for ground transport companies.
  • Customer Is King – The service industry is driven by customer service and customer satisfaction, leading to customer allegiance and repeat business. So while price plays an important factor in attracting a prospective customer, the service given to them, right from inquiry handling to completing the services, decide whether or not the customer is happy with you and comes back to you for future needs. While you may be able to delight few customers who have directly availed your service, your other customers through your channel partners may not have the same delightful experience. You not being their direct point of contact and your partner instead representing you, you are never sure what is served and offered to them in your name.
  • Ineffective Resource Utilisation – For any organisation, the optimal use of resources plays a very crucial role in maximising revenues. Be it a small player or a giant fleet owner, idle inventory is declining revenue. So when these companies have channel tie-ups and are dependent on others for business, maximum use of inventory may or may not be possible. Depending upon the partner’s preferences and vehicle choices – because of the price and business associated with them, they will be biased towards some particular vehicle type; for example – only sedans, or only luxury cars or some may prefer only minibuses. Such biases and preferences result in limited inventory use and recurring maintenance cost of idle inventory.
  • Marketing Mysteries – Marketing your brand, your service needs thorough thoughts behind it and when you already know about booming competition, every resource spent– be it monetary, tangible or intangible will be amplified. These will again not guarantee higher returns or elevated business levels.

Going through these one might feel if these problems persist, how is the ground transport industry lucrative? Business is easy but sustaining it is extremely difficult. Precisely to ease the present business crunch scenario and putting technology and innovation to good use, TripCenter offers a pioneering platform for ground transport companies across the globe, which promises to change the way the business works and touches new scalable heights.

TripCenter’s Solution – Indeed A Business Revolution

A global online platform which eliminates the need of physical intervention completely; saves on your tangible and intangible resources; opens wider spectrum of audience for your business and guarantees you your prices; that’s exactly what TripCenter is all about.

So what exactly does TripCenter’s platform offer and how do you as ground transporter gain from TripCenter?

The world’s first integrated booking solution for day hire and multi-day hire ground transportation, TripCenter is all about instantaneous results. Wondered what you get when you join hands with TripCenter?

  • Your Services – Your Price – When there is no bias, there’s always a room for growth and prosperity. So when there’s no favouring, you are the boss of your business. The vendor neutral platform gives you the freedom to offer your services at your price; which means there’s no price negotiation and there’s no loss incurred.
  • Localised Dynamic Pricing Engines – There’s always a fear of price fluctuation for a service provider with change in location. TripCenter resolves this by deploying technology to overcome geographic barriers and show price in local currency, keeping your revenue intact and making the pricing policy easy to understand for your customer.
  • Optimised Inventory, Maximised Revenue – The global audience and vendor neutral platform ensures that every vehicle in your fleet is advertised, allowing the customer to choose and pick as per their need. By doing this, your fleet which was once under used and adding to the overhead costs is now optimally used contributing to the enhanced revenue generation.
  • Instant Bookings & Payment Protection – Uncertain bookings, cancellations and payment denial is one big fear lurking over ground transporters when agents and brokers are involved. Eliminating these is TripCenter’s instant booking and payment protection feature, which ensures that a service is instantly booked online by the customer without any delay and advance payment duly received from the customer.
  • TripCenter’s Goodwill Is Your Brand–You do not need to market your services. Two things work in your favour here. One which impacts your business directly is your quality of service and your commitment to make every trip memorable for your clients. These clients when leave genuine feedback and comments on a globally open platform, praising you for your services, you know you have done your job right and struck the right chord. The second one which gives you indirect boost is the brand recognition of TripCenter and its platform globally. When you have a global audience trusting your online platform, it means they also trust and believe that every business name which is connected to the main platform also carries the same ethics and dedication towards highest levels of customer delight.
  • Customer Management Service Made Easy – being online and responsive has many benefits. The biggest one is that you have connectivity with your customer 24 x 7 without any barriers. This makes the customer come closer to you and trust you. Be it inquiry handling or service booking, post booking query or payment settlement, TripCenter works on your behalf to ensure that backend management of Customer Service doesn’t fail even by a second.
  • Global Audience: How about pitching your services to customers spread across geographies? Ever wondered about the business possibilities an online global platform can offer? One cannot imagine the reach and potential the online solution will offer you; at any given day and time, the number of potential customers reached by online presence at no extra cost outnumbers those by physical meeting – not to mention the unprecedented business the former will bring for you.

When you have ample advantages, opportunities and peace of mind available, wouldn’t it be natural that you save all your energy and resources being wasted for other activities and instead are able to concentrate more on what you actually work for and – providing top notch ground transport services. There’s no scope to doubt about the possibilities of enhanced revenue generation through TripCenter, given its competitive edge and technological innovation over your present day working.

While, by now, you might be contemplating about joining hands with TripCenter, you might have some doubts about the empanelling. There’s no rocket science on how to become TripCenter’s partner. It is as simple and easy as it can be. With dedicated team members helping you at every stage and ensuring you meet the compliance standards; you are ready to list your fleet and services with TripCenter and count hours before you receive your first booking and set your business rolling.

It’s time to move on and embrace the emerging technology to witness a paradigm shift in your business and brand.

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