Learn to drive like a professional with these driving tips for beginners

Being a chauffeur is so much more than just being a driver. It’s a duty that possesses a sense of responsibility wherein you ensure your passenger reaches their destination safely, and enjoys a smooth and happy ride. A professional chauffeur needs skill sets that are different from those that the regular drivers possess. They are trained and have to adhere to the terms and conditions, if any. They seem to have some other level of driving to the normal, everyday human. They are skilled and well trained. Read more to enhance your driving skills with these driving tips for beginners.

Driving secrets every professional chauffeur should know to grow their driving game.

Plan before you start

A good chauffeur knows where he needs to reach and at the exact time they need to be there. As a driver, you should always plan your trip in accordance with your passenger’s itinerary. Calculate the approximate time that you will take to reach the destination and the best route to the venue. Make sure you reach ahead of the time, as that will allow you to help the passenger with their luggage, thus enriching their experience.

Get your car ready. Give a quick health check to your car. Carry extra essentials like petrol/diesel as well as spare wheels in case of emergency. Make sure your car is cleaned perfectly for a rider to ride comfortably.

Be focused  – Most important driving tip for a beginner

If you are a newbie for driving, then this tip is very crucial for you as its very important to remain alert while you drive. Being a professional driver, the passenger trusts you to tackle any situation on the road while driving. This doesn’t mean you avoid talking, but your attention should be primarily directed on what you are doing and what’s happening around you, on the road.

Smooth drive

The most important quality of a chauffeur is his driving skills. An attribute that is often noticed about the chauffeur is how incredibly smooth his driving is. Be gentle with your car movements, don’t apply sudden breaks, or accelerate with a jerk. Drive, while maintaining an average speed, in order to avoid last minute accidents.   

Anticipate what other drivers will do before they do it. Being aware of the movements of the car around you will help you maintain your balance and avoid any unpredictable movements.  

drive smooth - driving tips for beginners

Gain high local geographical knowledge

A quality chauffeur always knows his routes. They should not depend on the signs placed along the road to direct them to the destination. If anything, they should be tech-friendly and should be able to use Google maps with ease. It’s very important for a chauffeur to have wealth of knowledge not just regarding the route but also the local places of important etc. One this will help them with identifying an alternative route, in case there is an issue with the primary route. Secondly, they can help the traveler with local places.

Always have a backup plan

It’s always good to have a plan B for your every situation, whether you are stuck in traffic or have met with an accident, or you have been hit with an obstruction while on your way to the destination. A backup plan will help you avoid delay, and ensure a safe pick up for your passenger.

Manners that make you different

As a chauffeur, you should be better aware of your professional ethics, besides opening the door for the passenger. When your passenger arrives you should help them with their luggage, learn how to keep them comfortable through their journey. Adjust the music to the tastes of your passenger. Make sure the AC is comfortable. Be friendly, and try to have a conversation with your customer. Don’t intrude too much. If you feel they need privacy, make sure you give it to them. Pay attention to your appearance, as a chauffeur you need to look a certain way, maintaining class, quality, and dignity that a private car hire service provides.

Chauffeur opening door - driving tip

Maintain a clean driving record

It’s very important that your passengers are assured about their safety. Make sure you know and you follow the rules on the road. To be selected as a good chauffeur, you must have a clean driving record. Take care not to break the signal or use phones while driving. This would not only affect your driving but also cause accidents. Do not panic in case of heavy traffic as this may affect your driving.

Ready in case of an accident

The final and the most important tip is to know how to handle the worst-case scenarios. Whether you are stuck in a weather prone condition or have met with an unfortunate accident, know some of the basic first aid techniques. Always have some safety essentials in your car. Figure out how you could contact to ask for help, arrange an alternative car for your passenger to make sure they ride safely to their destination.

Being a chauffeur is more than just driving, it’s an experience you are giving to your passengers. So if you are aspiring to be a chauffeur, keep these driving tips for beginners in mind every time you drive to their destination, as it would help you drive like a chauffeur on road.

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