Top 10 Christmas traditions around the world (No.5 is great)

“I am a little snowman, round and fat,

here is my scarf and here is my hat.

When Christmas comes around just hear me shout,

Here comes Santa, You better watch out!”

The twinkling lights and the carols sound, the aroma of the delic food in the Christmas market, the chill in the air and the sight and sounds of people enjoying the festive season, oh! these signs of the most awaited Christmas vacation.  

Christmas has become the global festival, regardless of community or location. Retailers in the UK call Christmas the “golden quarter”, that is, the three months of October to December is the quarter of the year in which the retail industry hopes to make the most money.  There is a Christmas story and everyone knows about it but do you know how it is celebrated in different traditions around the world?

Here you grasp about the best places and their Christmas traditions around the world

1. Home of Santa Claus – Santa Claus Village, Finland

The people in Finland believe that Father Christmas lives in the village of Finland called  Santa Claus village, so the people living over here celebrate Christmas in a very traditional way.



They start their Christmas day eating rice porridge and plum fruit juice in the breakfast, followed by watching “peace of Christmas” broadcasted on the radio. At night people go to the cemeteries and visit the graves of family members.

The village has a very traditional way of celebrating Christmas by posting a Christmas card from Santa Claus main post office, one can write a card to their loved ones and let the cheerful elves to post it forward.

Santa Claus village is graced with the bucket full of snow offers a great festive vibe with the activities such as reindeer rides, or a snowmobile ride.

For the one traveling to the village for Christmas, apart from getting the chance to meet the jolly man in the red suit can visit Santa Claus’ Home Cave Santapark, Elf’s Farm Yard and wander around the shops to get everything from local handicrafts to the most popular Finnish design brands.

2. Warm Christmas destination – Bondi Beach, Australia

Australia celebrates Christmas in hot winds of falling summer if you are not really a white Christmas fan than traveling to Australia is a great option.

Australians celebrate Christmas by decorating their houses with a bunch of “Christmas bush”, a native Australian tree. People sing Christmas songs, some of them an originally Australian Christmas song, narrating about how Santa gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroos on arriving in Australia.

Bondi beach is the antithesis of northern-hemisphere Christmas cliches: snow and fairy lights are replaced by sun, sand, and surf. The beach is full of travelers chilling under the scorching sun, celebrating their Christmas day a way differently than others.

The beach is a “no-alcohol” zone, allowing a peaceful holiday for the travelers.  But one can enjoy the Christmas party, organized in the Pavilion, with a bar, DJs, delicious food, and entertainment running from noon to 10 pm.

One can also move to Bronte Beach by a car hire, taking a 10-15 minute ride from Bondi, popular for picnics and BBQs and a perfect location for inexpensive family vacations.

Bondi Beach full of tourists for vacation, Sydney, Australia

3. Quebec city, Canada – Ranked as ‘One of the best Christmas destinations in the world’ 

Quebec city – ranked as one of the best Christmas destinations in the world for a vacation by CNN Travel.

The city is heavenly decorated for environmental friendly outdoor enthusiasts. The old part of the city is turned into picturesque Christmas village, exposing the nativity scenes, around the world.

People decorate their houses with trees and lights and Christmas stockings are hung by the fireplace. They eat their traditional Christmas desserts, plum puddings, and mincemeat tarts after their Christmas meal including roast turkey with vegetables.

Christmas night in Quebec City

To the one who is traveling to the city for the first time can;

  • Move to the heart of the Quebec city, the German Christmas Market,
  • Visit the city’s heritage churches
  • Listen to the classic holiday songs of different artists from Quebec and abroad at the concerts
  • Spend your Christmas eve, amid fireworks
  • Dance on the beats of music (From classic to modern)
  • Sit into a Ferris wheel overlooking the old city

4. Rainy Christmas Celebration at Bali – Indonesia

Predominantly the Hindu island, Bali has crept into Balinese culture over time. Bali experiences the wet season during the Christmas time, making it a different experience to celebrate Christmas for its tourists.



Bali celebrates Christmas in churches and cathedrals, creating a nativity scene and using them as part of the Nativity drama performance. A Christmas party is organized in Balis most of the clubs and restaurants and even on the islands under the moisty weather.

The people in Bali specializes in producing a variety of Christmas tree made up of plastic, real Pine trees, and even chicken feathers. Cookies like ‘Nastar’, ‘Kastengel’ are a must-have food during Christmas in Indonesia.

Some of the popular Indonesian carols like ‘Malam Kudus’ (an Indonesian version of ‘O Holy Night’) is sung by the people on Christmas Eve. It’s pleasure to watch fireworks on the Indonesian beach, as when the sun goes down, the fireworks shoot off to the sky, making it a magnificent scene to watch.

5. Pop Corn threaded Christmas tree at New York City, USA

New York is hard to beat during the festive period, especially when its Christmas, its snowy scenery, holiday markets and the most classic New Year’s Eve countdown at Madison Square, makes it worth visiting during Christmas holidays.

People in America, decorate their houses, with lights and statues of Santa Claus, Snowmen and Reindeer. Some of the Americans even use pop-corn threaded on a string to help decorate their Christmas Tree. They celebrate Christmas eating turkey or ham with cranberry sauce and gingerbread.

New York celebrates Christmas with great joy, the precision chorus event at Radio City Music Hall, or the red and green light show on the top of Empire State Building, its a fun time for New York.

The different Christmas markets like the New York’s Union Square Holiday Market offers with the unique handmade gifts for your loved ones. The 69 and 100 feet tall Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is the eye catcher of the city.

Madison Square, New York

6. Santa Claus Christmas parade at Barcelona, Spain

Christmas fairs, Christmas markets, concerts, nativity scenes, a circus and theme parks, Barcelona has many things to do with your families and children during the Christmas time.

People visit their friends and families wishing them ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’ in Spanish they say ‘Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo‘.  

The Spanish and Catalan people celebrate differently with their own special traditions and customs, ending the Barcelona Christmas on 6th January, on Three Kings Day.

Portal de l'Angel pedestrian street adorned with Christmas lights, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona hosts different Christmas activities at Barcelona’s central square to visit. The midnight mass is a tradition in Spain.

Barcelona Christmas tradition, Circ Raluy, a historic traveling circus, and the museum is worth watching. One can be a part of the Santa Claus Christmas parade on the streets of the Sants neighborhood.

7. Uniquely-decorated Christmas trees at Bath, England

The city sparkles with glittering lights, the cheerful choirs singing carols by candlelight and the delightful aromas of sweet roasted chestnuts fills the air with the festive mood in Bath.

People in Bath wander around the city following the Carol Trail to spot all ten uniquely-decorated Christmas trees and identify the musical theme at each one. A traditional pantomime for Christmas is held at Theatre Royal Bath.

People move around the city with a pedal-power to light up and see the most innovative and interactive festive display. The city has a Christmas market like Bath Christmas Market and Southgate Bath held at every few miles to give magical Christmas shopping experience to its visitor.

Bath Christmas Market and Roman Baths

8. Christmas fairytale city – Vatican, Italy

Christmas is a magical and the most awaited time of year by itself, and if you add Italy to that mix, it becomes a Christmas fairytale.

Christmas at St. Peter's

The most traditional way of celebrating Christmas in Italy is the Nativity crib scene, where the Christmas story is recreated by the people using the crib. A huge Christmas tree is created at the Saint Peter’s Square attracting a huge amount of travelers to the city.

The eternal city offers an extensive list of festive celebrations, but the sight of Pope presenting his Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican is at the top. Christmas markets like “Piazza Navona Christmas Market” is must for the Christmas Shopping, or for the traditional Italian Christmas decoration 100, Presepi is the best option.

9. The yellow stagecoach ride at Nuremberg, Germany

German people decorate their houses uniquely during Christmas, they use plastic covered wooden frames with electric candles to decorate their windows. Christmas in Germany is known for its Christmas food and decorations.

Nuremburgh Christmas tradition


For some, it’s the delicious smell of exotic spices in the Nuremberg gingerbread. For others, it’s the Christmas Market itself, where they get shiny Christmas ornaments and hand-made gold-foil angels to draw their eye. See below what one of the German localite says about Christmas in Nuremberg;


People enjoy a nostalgic trip around the city sitting cozily in the yellow stagecoach with the horses to roam around and listen to the Christmas songs. Concerts attract holiday music fans to the city, one can also sit on the giant carved wooden Ferris wheel and an old-fashioned carousel and a steam train to make it more happening.

10. A religion free Christmas Celebration at Tokyo, Japan

Christmas in Tokyo is a religion-free sight to behold. Traditionally,  in Japan, celebrating the New Year is more important than Christmas, but Christmas Eve is the big deal to celebrate for Japanese couples.

Tokyo is decorated with incredible lights and displays, special Christmas-only events happen all throughout the city during this festive period. People feast in Japanese-style which involves fried chicken and a sponge cake topped with cream and strawberries.

The iconic landmark of the city, Tokyo Skytree hosts the Solamachi Christmas Market, making it the best time to visit the place during Christmas. The 14-meter tall Christmas pyramid at Tokyo Christmas Market is the hight of the city. The exciting festive shows at Tokyo Disneyland makes it the happiest place on earth to celebrate Christmas.


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, make sure you celebrate it at your best and most importantly at your favorite Christmas holiday destination.

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