Know how a car hire in Melbourne can prevent traffic from wrecking your holiday experience

Melbourne is a very peculiar city; albeit in a positive way. It is a dynamic metropolis which has tall buildings, modern monuments, lively nightlife, and broad-minded inhabitants. At the same time though, the city has lush green parks, vast forests, mountain ranges and picturesque beaches that are totally uncharacteristic of a bustling metropolis. The artistic, architectural and cultural diversity of the city is not something that you would associate with most megacities. And perhaps this uniqueness is what makes Melbourne such a popular tourist city. There is something for everyone here! But one problem that this city has is its traffic, a car hire in Melbourne can help you out. Read through to know how.

Popular tourist haunts in and around Melbourne

If you are planning a holiday in Melbourne, it would be worth checking out these major tourist hubs of the city.

car hire in Melbourne for Great-Ocean-Road

Great Ocean Road:

The Great Ocean Road provides the most dramatic scenery and visual experiences to travelers. The 243 km road offers breathtaking views and several ‘instagrammable’ moments all along. Ocean lovers could indulge in activities like surfing, kayaking or scuba diving while trekkers could take the iconic Great Ocean Walk.

It would be worth your time and money to hire a car in Melbourne while you take the Great Ocean Road. Driving is the last thing you would want to do while you are on what is easily one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world. The sights on either side of the road deserve your attention. And you’d be much better placed to enjoy them if you opt for a minibus hire Melbourne than if you were to take the wheels yourself

Federation Square:

Widely regarded as the city’s cultural hub, Federation Square is the best place to hang out in Melbourne. The Square hosts close to 2000 live performances every year and is also home to some of the best cafes and food joints in the city. Besides, there is also an abundance of shopping outlets and galleries here. The Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Ian Potter Centre: NGV Gallery both are located here.

car hire in Melbourne for square-in-Melbourne
car hire in melbourne for eureka-tower

Eureka Tower:

Eureka Tower is the tallest residential building and public vantage point in the whole southern hemisphere. A climb atop the tower’s observation deck provides a stunning, panoramic view of the city. And the fact that the deck extends out of the main building, sans any structural support, and is made up of glass only increases the thrill factor of the experience.

Explore the Yarra Valley:

Hardly an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is the epitome of natural beauty. Scenic hiking trails, old vineyards, and breweries are the standout attractions of this valley. The valley leads to the Dandenong Ranges National Park; another popular site around Melbourne.

car hire in Melbourne for yarra-vally

Other worthy mentions

Melbourne Zoo is a delight for animal lovers. This 156-year-old zoo is home to more than 320 species of animals that are inhabited in state of the art enclosures. The Elephant Trail and Orang-utan Sanctuary are the major highlights of this place.

Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne were established way back in 1846. They house more than 8500 species of plants and are perennial favorites for all nature lovers who visit Melbourne.

Melbourne is also home to a wide array of museums such as the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum, and Scienceworks; besides the two at Federation Square.

Sports fanatics would relish the opportunity to visit the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. Melbourne is regarded as the sporting capital of Australia and the MCG is its premier sports venue. Besides cricket, the stadium also hosts games of Australian Rules Football. A tour of the ground also takes you to the National Sports Museum which gives you an overview of Australia’s rich sporting history.

You would also enjoy a cruise on the Yarra River, a city circle tram tour, a shopping spree in the open-air Queen Victoria Market, the city’s live music scene and the high-quality street art in Melbourne.

The problem with traveling to Melbourne

Melbourne and Sydney are the 2 disappointing cities in Australia with regards to traffic jams and congestion. According to a report published by Australasia’s premier road transport and traffic agency Austroads, the average traveling speed in Melbourne is a lowly 34 km/hr. The report also suggests that during peak hours, commuters may need to allocate 50% more time for completing their journey than they would for free-flowing traffic. The increasing population and the residents’ overwhelming preference for personal vehicles over public transport have contributed massively to Melbourne’s infamous traffic jams. This traffic situation in Melbourne could potentially impact your holiday experience in the city and for the worse.

The solution – Car hire in Melbourne

A way out of this sticky situation would be to hire a car in Melbourne. If you are touring in an extra large group, a minibus hire can be a great option as the vehicle can accommodate a large number of passengers at once.

Melbourne’s public transport system is highly inefficient. According to a report published in the Herald Sun, the buses, in particular, are not viewed in great light even by the locals. And while the trains are relatively efficient, they do not offer a comprehensive connectivity solution. On the other hand, private chauffeured vehicles such as a limousine, minibus or a large coach provide time and cost-efficient travel solutions in Melbourne. You would rarely if ever, observe a delay in their services because of the service providers’ unwavering commitment towards providing the highest quality of services to their clients.

If you are traveling to and from the airport a car hire in Melbourne airport can help you reach your destination on time as the chauffeur is well trained with the traffic of the city.

Another perk of traveling in such vehicles is the comfort factor. Modern coaches, minibusses and limos could best be described as ‘luxury on wheels’. There is no dearth of fun and entertainment aboard them and you could pretty much be assured that your journey will be completed in comfort and peace.
Holidays are not something that you take every other day. So when you do, especially in Melbourne, hiring a chauffeured vehicle would do you a world of good.

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