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The neatly lined boulevard with a monument here or there, the majestic Eiffel Tower rising high, the fashionistas ‘show-stopper drapes and the rustic yet modern bistros serving you the best of French food and wine- all in all, Paris is no less than a magical dream for any traveller of any age.
Travelling from Cannes to Paris? Worried about your ground transport needs? Here’s everything you ever wanted to know – from the most convenient mode of transport to what to eat and where to eat.

With the changing commuting dynamics and everyday transport needs, you would want to look out for options which are more flexible, cost-effective and customer-friendly. Coach hire for Paris from Cannes can work out well when travelling in big corporate groups, school/university trips and with families. Trains and taxis tend to be cumbersome with luggage, big groups and tight schedules. One cannot rule out the fact that booking taxis through brokers and online agents carry issues like fear of unauthorised, unknown driver without a trip-ready licensed vehicle.

On the other hand, you always have an upper hand, when you plan coach hire or book airport transfers with peer-to-peer online marketplace like TripCenter.

Here’s a handy list to guide you to BOOK the most suitable Cannes transfers option.
  • Point to point transfers / day hire, multi-day hire
  • 3 seater cars – 89 seater luxury passenger coaches
  • You can choose your own vehicle (1000+ vendors)
  • Extremely suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • Dedicated chauffeur waits for you for pickup/ drop beforehand
  • Average travel time from Cannes to Paris is 9 hours and 25 Minutes
  • Private chauffeured transport comes to you
  • Live pricing available
  • Confirmed pre-booking of vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time possible
  • Higher the number of seats booked, lower is the cost


  • Point to point transfers
  • Public transport
  • You cannot choose your vehicle
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • You need to port your own luggage/reach station
  • Average travel time from Cannes to Paris is 5 hours 35 minutes + the time taken to reach station from your destination/hotel
  • Tickets can  be pre-booked
  • Fixed pricing
  • Free luggage/bag is 1 per person. for every additional bag, need to pay extra
  •  Can not book tickets / seats in bulk
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost
Online Travel
  • Point to point transfers
  • 3 seater cars – 16 seater passenger minibuses
  • You cannot choose your vehicle – supplied by vendor
  • Suitable for limited group size and luggage
  • No dedicated chauffeur assigned / need to wait for the vehicle to arrive
  • Average travel time from Cannes to Paris is 9 hours and 25 minutes
  • Need to consider time taken by van/taxi to arrive post booking
  • Variable transport options
  • Variable pricing – subject to change without notice
  • Cannot book vehicle / seats in bulk at a single point of time
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost


  • Point to point transfers
  • Public Transport
  • You cannot choose your vehicle
  • Not suitable when travelling with luggage or in big group
  • You need to port your own luggage/reach station
  • Average travel time from Cannes to Paris is 15 hours 50 minutes + the time taken to reach station from your destination/hotel
  • Tickets can be pre-booked
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Free luggage/bag is 1 per person. for every additional bag, need to pay extra
  • Cannot book Tickets/ seats in bulk
  • Higher the number of seats booked, higher is the cost


As you read, we are sure you will be able to choose the most suitable transport mode for you keeping in mind your budget, comfort and ease of travelling. Along with transport, get useful information about nearby places, hotels and other details which will help make your stay and travel prompt and in accordance to your needs.

Travelling by Public Transport

The basic fare for a single standard 2nd class ticket without any add-ons and booking charges is £ 66.00 while travelling from Cannes to Paris by train.

Average travel time from Cannes to Paris by train is 5 hours 12 minutes for a direct train. While it takes on an average 5 hours 35 minutes for a train to travel from Cannes to Paris with one change.

Popular operator like Flixbus, Ouibus, SNCF offer affordable and top-notch train services between Paris and Cannes. Additionally by using various rail cards, one can lower the fare considerably.

Distance by car between Cannes and Paris is 907 kms.

Private Ground Transport Services

You can enjoy the drive from Cannes to Paris by hiring a car or can sit back and relax with coach hire from Cannes. There are three routes to reach Paris from Cannes. First route is via A6 – the distance by this route is 907 kms. Another route is using the A71 A8 route which clocks at 947 kms. The final and longest route to reach Paris by road is going by the A6 A10 route which will be 1078 km from Cannes will take you almost 11 hours of travel.

Choosing minibus or coach hire for Paris by private vendors is efficient and quick. While travel time by train is 5 hours and 30 minutes on an average and that by a private cab or coach is 10 hours, one cannot rule out the fact that travelling by train does not give you the liberty of door-to-door pick and drop services. You will need to take into account the travel time from hotel to train station to the destination. Also luxury coach hire is the choice of transport mode when you are travelling in large groups and with luggage.

Dedicated and trusted private ground transport services providers are the best sources to book your coach hire services. One can easily book coach hire services with TripCenter, UK’s 1st online peer-to-peer marketplace, which has every small and big coach vendor offering their services at the most competitive prices.

Private Chauffeured Services

Private ground transport is one option which offers you broad spectrum benefits like saving on travel time, unmatched quality, comfort, style and price. Ground transport services range from cabs and minibuses to coaches and buses, explicitly offering a wider basket of options for travelling. When one compares the cost of an adult passenger travelling from Cannes to Paris, coaches scores high. Consider aspects of luggage, large travelling group, convenience of place and time for pick/drop and mid-way sightseeing and pocket-friendly pricing, no other option can give you liberty of enjoying your travel like a dedicated hired coach service will. BOOK NOW

Dedicated Airport Transfers

The biggest advantage of booking airport transfers is that you not only get point to point services but get a private chauffeured vehicle at your service. While you book airport transfers through TripCenter, you automatically avail few added advantages like live price updates, vehicle of your choice and licensed professional chauffeurs.

Hiring luxury coaches can be tricky. One, because, you need to transport a big group and delays in such travel can disrupt your entire travel plan. Two, because, while you hire luxury coach, the cost involved is big; giving you no scope to experiment. When transparency is a vital factor, you cannot afford to take chances and which is why availing coach hire through TripCenter eliminates you of these two risk factors giving you pre-travel confirmed booking, at your price. What’s more, your dedicated executive coach waits for you at your doorstep and drops you right at the desired destination.

Hotels near Paris


If it is not in Paris, it cannot be anywhere else and if it in Paris, it has to be the best. Such are the standards Paris has set for itself, and why not, it is the luxury and glam capital of the world. So when looking out for the best luxury hotels in Paris, you should not miss out these.

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

Four Seasons Hotel George V

Le Meurice

Plaza Athénée

Le Roch Hotel & Spa

Satiating your hunger pangs with the best names in Paris is just the right thing to do. Here’s the list of the best French Chefs putting their skills to work to prepare the finest dishes for travellers like you.

Café Oberkampf

Le Peloton Café

Matamata Coffee


Strada Café

The Caféothèque

Places of Interest


Art, Architecture, Fashion, Food and Wine – if one asks 5 things which define Paris, these are the 5 dimensions to Paris. There’s so much to see, so much to experience and so much to live, that one doubts whether it is for real or just a dream. The five 5’s which you should not miss in Paris are

  1. Eiffel Tower – This monument surely needs no introduction. So just go there and see for yourself, what it feels to be among the Eight Wonders of the World.
  2. Louvre Museum – All these years you have the famous Leonarda Da Vinci painting of Mona Lisa in pictures. How about discovering what lies in that mysterious smile with the actual painting in front of you?
  3. Chanel Boutique – Walk into a store which is the epitome of Fashion. See for yourself why Paris is called the Fashion Capital. Do not forget to post your selfies on your social media platforms.      
  4.  Restaurant Guy Savoy – if you swear by Gordon Ramsay’s culinary skills, what are your thoughts about a restaurant owned by Gordon’s culinary mentor Guy Savoy? Close those dropped jaws and instead go in to experience what is described as gastronomically heaven.  
  5. O Chateau – The sparkling, crystal clear and the best of French Wines can be tasted right here. And if you aren’t quenched for the thirst of knowledge about Wines, go ahead and take a course in wine studies.

For those who complain that Paris cannot be enjoyed on a shoestring budget – it is time you update your knowledge. While the boulevards and the luxury streets might be Awww worthy, the conventional neighbourhood shopping and fashion streets like North Marais and Galerie Vivienne are the real gold-mines, showcasing exclusive fashion trends and labels and that too, all in the budget.

For those wondering how heavenly the taste buds might be tantalised in any Michelin-Starred restaurants, well, it is more fun to instead hog and gulp at modern bistros which are more cosy and offer a laid-back experience. Le Comptoir du Relais, is one such name which is no less than a heavenly experience for your taste buds at a very moderate price.

Taxis and cabs are way too costly. So instead of wasting your Euros on them, explore the city with various public ground transport options available. The city’s center has many interesting sights to offer. So why not window shop, flirt a little with the local ambiance and make the most of the Parisian streets and lanes.

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