Join the paparazzi at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 and check out the things to do in Cannes

Cannes Film Festival 2019

The Cannes Film Festival is cherished as the largest international and the most celebrated annual film festival. No matter if you are a part of the industry or not, being a part of the action always makes one feel lucky.

From the lavish parties and events to the red carpet attire, the star-studded week is an inspiration for all those who are interested in fashion. Attending the 11-day film festival in May is a dream for many each year. It is the time when you can get the elite feeling of the location on the French Riviera and experience the stars shining brightly around you everywhere.

Well-planned travel can determine your success of getting access to this short film festival. Your planning will decide if you will be standing on the outskirts waiting to get a glimpse of your favourite celebrity or enjoying walking on the red carpet at one of the star-studded screenings.

This year, the Cannes Film Festival 2019 is starting from 14th of May and it will end on 25th May.

Let us share how to plan your visit to the Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

Visiting Cannes in Spring

Well, if you are planning to visit Cannes for the International Film Festival, you should think about travelling around the city too. In May, it is the spring season and the average temperature can range from upper 50 to upper 60. You might want to book your flights and hotel well in advance if you don’t want to end up lost in the crowd of thousands and since the hotel prices are at their highest best. And the last and most important part of your travel, make sure you book your chauffeur service in advance to move around the city in comfort.

Cool things to do in Cannes

After facing the toughest challenges of flights and hotel and landing on the beautiful land of Cannes, apart from visiting the Film Festival, you can find a lot of other things to do in Cannes. Cannes is a place that offers you hundreds of different ways to spoil yourself and you can depend on your pre-booked multi-day hired chauffeur service for your stress-free trip.

You can plan to visit high-end boutiques or recline on a lounger at one of the best private hotel beaches, sip chilled rose wine or just take in the grandeur of the city standing on the hotel terrace. Of course, you talk more and more about films during the Cannes Film Festival while doing every other activity. But once you are at Cannes, you must plan on doing the following things which are both related and unrelated to the films.

Put on your best dress and hope to get in the Palais

Palais is where all the important screenings of the movies take place during the Cannes Film Festival. It has 18 auditoriums. The stars get photographed before the movie screenings on its famous red steps outside the Lumiere Theatre. The red carpet is changed thrice a day. The badge holders get penalised if they do not turn up and leave the auditorium seats empty and if you are lucky, the unused tickets will be offered to you for being absolutely well-dressed. If you are a woman, make sure you wear a glamorous gown and if you are a man a tux will be the necessary dress. The chauffeured car that you arrive in will do the finishing touch for you in terms of style.

Experience the History of films at Hotel Intercontinental Carlton

During the busy times of the Cannes Film Festival 2019, you need to prepare yourself to encounter huge crowds everywhere in the city while you plan other things to do in Cannes. The best way is to just get mixed up with the crowd and enjoy the hustle and bustle. You can visit Hotel Carlton where the movie “To catch a thief” was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1950s. You can just wander around in the lobby to feel those film vibes, secure a table for dinner or try a drink at the bar. But make sure you dress your best or you might not get a chance to get in.

Enjoy mouth-watering delicacies at Marche Forville

This place is a must-visit place for any visitor to Cannes. If you are a foodie by nature, this place offers you the satisfaction of eating. You will find the vendors selling home-made fruits and veggies along with the local specialities for lunch. Before you head up to the city, make sure you spend some time here as it can be a great picnic spot for you. You can also visit Le Suquet to admire its 11th-century Gothic style architecture or down the beach. On Mondays, you can enjoy shopping at the flea market.

La Croisette

An excellent location for people-watching in Cannes. You can take a stroll along the two kilometres long street, stop by to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the Mediterranean view around you. This is a great place for you to watch the awe-inspiring Cannes sculptures and people paying petanque, the French national pastime.

How to visit Cannes like a pro?

Until now, you must have understood that the spring season is the busiest time of the year as everyone around the world is interested to join the paparazzi and meet their favourite stars shining more brightly than ever. To make sure your trip to Cannes becomes an unforgettable one, you need to book with TripCenter well in advance to get your 11-day stay covered without the hassles of travelling in crowded public transportations or waiting for taxis. For visiting Cannes like a pro, you just need to remember 3 things: you must look amazing, drop-by the right places if you want to meet the elites and be sure you have your luxury car to steal the spotlight. The Cannes festival is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the people interested in films, why settle for less!


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