Tips to make your business travel easier

Canceled flights…last minute hotel bookings..luggage delays at the airport.. business travel comes with its own set of challenges, which are virtually endless. Unfortunately, most business travelers are unprepared for such glitches, as a result of which they are frustrated, and face a lot of hassles. The business traveler should be prepared for anything and everything that comes their way.

Of course, a business travel guide can make it easier for you to plan for the setbacks as well.

Arriving at your destination will be as easy as your daily drive to your office with these business travel tips.

1. Pack a day before your travel.

If you are a frequent international traveler, you might be a packing expert by now. However, if you’re not, this business travel backpack tip might help. “Pack LIGHT”. A smartly packed bag can solve half of your problems during the travel as everything would be handy. A small trolly bag instead of the big one will make the check-in at the airport easy for you. Make sure you label everything, as this will help you in case your luggage is misplaced.  Always keep a concealed pocket for extras.

Business travel backpack

2. Pre-book your airport transfers

Book your airport transfers along with your flights. It’s really pleasing to see your ride ready after a long tiring flight, as you don’t need to roam around dragging your bags all over the airport looking for the taxi to take you to your hotel. There are many private airport transfers hire companies that can help you pre-book your private transfers, serving you with a chauffeured service with zero waiting time.

3. Keep your travel documents handy

Always keep a shoulder bag with you during your travel. The bag should ideally carry all your important documents such as passport, flight tickets, and insurance papers. This will save you from the hassle of finding the documents at the right time. The shoulder bag can also carry an extra pair of clothes, in case you need to change them at the airport.

If the bag is slightly bigger, it can always accommodate your laptop, chargers, and other elementary things. With this handy little thing, you are ready for meetings even before your luggage arrives.

4. It’s good to stay at the same hotels for your business travel

As a business traveler, there are times when you have to stay in a foreign location for a long time. Without the proper services, your stay becomes miserable. If you opt for the same hotel during all your travel to the place, you will get a home away from home feeling. Moreover, the people at the hotel would know your preferences and would set your stay accordingly.

The customer service would be one notch higher in this case. You do not need to hunt for the best prices and places when it comes to accommodation. Choose your hotel based on its location, close to some good restaurants or a place to just go and relax.

Business traveler at hotel

5. Travel with a really good health and well-being kit

As a corporate builder, you can’t afford to be weak or feel unwell during your business travel as it could affect your meetings or even your business. As you are traveling to a different country, the weather changes might be unbearable for your body to sustain. Always carry your health-kit during your travel, made up mainly of naturopathic preventatives or some of the homeopathic medicines, just in case you are allergic to something. Keep the traditional medication handy too!

This could help you take action the minute you feel dizzy, and you will be able to continue with your work proactively.   

6. Book a private car for your meetings.

It would not be ideal to arrive late to a meeting for which you have traveled far and wide. Pre-book your transfers to the venue where you have the meeting. This will save a lot of time, and you will reach the place on time to crack the deal.

Advance bookings ensure chauffeur driven dedicated car services. The driver will wait for you till you are done with the meeting, and drop you back to the hotel. You can even hire ground transfers to roam around the town in your free hours.

Business travel

7. Avoid traveling when everyone else is

Be a smart traveler! After a trip or two to a location, you will get an idea of what are the peak hours and days when people travel the most. Avoid being the part of that chaos, travel stress-free. Plan to fly to wherever you are heading the day before. Avoid airports on Friday nights and Monday mornings. Know how you can cut your business travel expenses by availing any offer available on the lesser traveled time.

8. Build up your loyalty status with your facility providers

Do you tend to book everything, from the air tickets to the hotel and airport transfers, via the same service provider? It is a good idea to use the same service chain throughout the year. This will build a sense of loyalty between the two of you, and you don’t need to worry about your travel management throughout your travel.

There are a few advantages associated with this arrangement. First, they will update you with the current deals and offers. Second, they will offer you a discount with every visit, and provide you with extra services as well such as room upgrades, free Internet and access to the business lounges. You will save quite a few bucks in this way.

If you follow these tips to the t, you are ready for your next trip in no time. What more, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip as a result.

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