Book a private coach to explore delightful Dubrovnik at its very best

The global tourism boom since the turn of the millennium has thrown a number of small, largely unknown but astoundingly beautiful towns into the limelight. One among them is Croatia’s dainty little city Dubrovnik, located along the coast of the resplendent Adriatic Sea. Its idyllic location and rich history have crowned Dubrovnik as one of the most frequented holiday destinations in Europe.

Places to see in Dubrovnik

There is no dearth of tourist attractions in Dubrovnik. The most enchanting of them all is its 16th-century city walls. A tour of the City Walls gives you multiple opportunities to get a panoramic view of the city and the ocean; both of which double up as gorgeous backdrops for social media posts.

A walk through Old Town transports you back in time; with its centuries-old buildings acting as the time travel machine. One of the major highlights of Old Town is a medieval pharmacy which continues to be in operation even today; 700 years after it was constructed!

Other popular monuments include 15th to early 18th century buildings designed in Baroque (St Blaise Church), Renaissance (Sponza Palace) and Gothic (Rector’s Palace) styles of architecture.

Places to see in Dubrovnik

While there is no denying the architectural grandeur of Dubrovnik, there is a lot more to it than just that. There is an abundance of picturesque beaches in Dubrovnik where you could relax. Adrenaline junkies could go sea kayaking or speed boating in the Adriatic Sea. If you just want to unwind, there are a number of bars, restaurants, and pubs where you could do that. And if visiting an uninhabited island is on your bucket list, Lokrum Island is the place for you!

For fans of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to explore real shoot locations of the show. The show has been shot extensively in Dubrovnik at locations such as Klis Fortress, Diocletian’s Palace, Minceta Tower, Lovrijenac Fortress, Lokrum Island and St Dominika Street among others. A special ‘Game of Thrones Tour’ lets you visit these sites to experience the magic of the world’s most popular TV show in its most natural, bona fide environment.

Local transportation in Dubrovnik & the need for a private coach

Dubrovnik is a very small city; spread across an area of 21.35 sq km with a population of a mere 28,428 people. However, about 1-1.5 million tourists visit Dubrovnik every year. Dubrovnik’s streets are thus perennially overcrowded with people. This throws up a few challenges for the visitors; local transportation being one of the trickiest among them.

Dubrovnik’s public transport systems are thoroughly overworked. The buses, both public and private, are chock-a-block with tourists even at the best of times. And you are more likely to find a one-ounce gold coin lying on the street than to find a taxi in Dubrovnik. There are just too many people vying for a limited number of cabs. The issue becomes all the more pertinent for group travelers simply because arranging transportation is much more complicated and arduous task for them than for solo travelers.

An easy and effective solution to this local transportation problem is to hire a minibus or a book a coach in Dubrovnik, which offers you a number of benefits and resolves almost every possible local transportation issue.

Benefits of a private coach hire in Dubrovnik

The benefits of a private coach hire in Dubrovnik are manifold and are aptly documented through the following points.

  • Group travel in its true sense
    What fun is a group holiday if you don’t travel in a group? The fact that all members of the touring party travel together in the same vehicle, with an ample dose of light banter is what makes a group holiday fun. And that is obviously not possible to accomplish in a taxi or a public transport vehicle. A private coach can hold anywhere between 3 to 89 people; thus making it the most obvious option for accommodating the entire group in one vehicle.
  • Comfort and luxury guaranteed
    Private coaches and minibusses are not just your regular vehicles. They are a means of transport that are equipped with modern luxuries and amenities. Have your favorite snacks, play online games with your friends, watch a movie with your flock or do anything that makes you happy and comfortable. Few vehicles come close to a minibus when it comes to assuring its passengers of a luxurious ride.
  • Affordable transportation
    Cabs in Dubrovnik are highly expensive because of the perennially high demand for them. As group travelers, you’d go through a financial nightmare if you were to take cabs (if you are lucky enough to find them in the first place) every time you step out of your hotels. A private coach hire in Dubrovnik is your most financially viable local transportation option.
  • Luggage, not a worry anymore
    Handling luggage is a headache even for solo travelers. And when you travel in a group, with tens or hundreds of bags, that mild headache transforms into a migraine. When you travel in a minibus or a large private coach, you can secure your entire luggage in one spot and save some money that would otherwise have been spent on Paracetamol.
  • Prompt and timely transportation
    A chauffeured private coach assures you of time-efficient transportation. As pick up and drops become convenient due to the congregation of people in one place, there are no delays on account of picking up and dropping off passengers at different locations. The chauffeurs too have experience and knowledge of the local traffic situation and of the optimal routes for reaching a particular destination.

For a tourist destination that is as small in size but massive in popularity as Dubrovnik is, local transportation can become a major roadblock on your path to exploring a delightfully beautiful city. But hiring a private coach would mean that you can kiss goodbye to all those worries!

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