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Considered as the 12th longest coastal line of the world, UK seaports have proved to be pioneers in building the economic and culture of the land, much before the popularity of air travel rose between the Eastern and Western countries of the world. The changing global economic dynamics have not only highlighted these major ports but have also made a paradigm shift in the way they operate and offer services for passenger liners and cruise ships.

Ferry services for travelling within the country or travelling through UK by cruise, these UK seaports are the gateways to business and pleasure travelling of the modern millennium. Connected with the best ground transport services, no destination is remote to reach from these seaports.

While you plan your next travel through these UK ports, know these ports, their infrastructural and ground transport facilities and major cities connected to them; enabling you plan better and with ease.


From here sailed on her maiden journey, the historic RMS Titanic, Southampton port is a pioneer for passenger cruise services. The history of Port of Southampton dates back to the 1840s and today it stands as the top passenger port of UK with an average of 2 million people thronging through this busiest port of UK. This port also connects through ferry services, Southampton to Cowes – or the Isle of Wight, one of the best UK vacation destinations.

Connected to major cities of UK by various rail and road, Southampton port is easily accessible. The port has 2 docks consisting of 4 terminals for passenger services. All terminals have full-fledged facilities for brief-stay parking, restaurants and cafes, bars and other recreational spots.

Each terminal is well facilitated for seaport transfers and taxi services for the city and other destinations in UK. Southampton to London distance is 80 miles and Norwich to Southampton is 200 miles.

Port Dover UK

Dover, designated as the Lock and Key of England, is the 2nd largest port after Southampton in the United Kingdom with over 2 million passengers using the port for ferry and cruise services. Operating since 1606, Dover is an important channel connecting countries like France and Belgium via ferry services from Dover to Calais and Dover to Dunkirk (both in France).

Dover port has 2 terminals – one old and the other new. The port is well connected and easily accessible from cities like Canterbury, Folkestone and to London by Train. Dover to London distance is 78 miles and trains operate from St. Pancras International station at London for Dover port.

Along with London and Tilbury, Dover is the third UK cruise port used, when visiting the city of London. Dover port is well networked and well-connected through various ground transport modes. Dover London train connectivity is pretty good, making it easy to travel. You can also opt for Dover taxi services which are also available easily. For those of you who might be searching for private transfers for Dover or coach hire services in Dover, you will be able to find the most trusted names and licensed services available for large group transfers and corporate trips.

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Port Harwich

Harwich or Harwich International Port as it is known officially, is the largest port in UK when cargo movement is considered. The port, though not as upscale as the Southampton or Dover, continues to serve as passenger cruise and ferry port. Harwich port is an important link connecting Netherlands and Denmark and has regular ferry services departing from Harwich. The super-ferries operating between England and Netherlands have state-of-the-art infrastructure for all passenger and cars as well as cargo vehicles.

Harwich beach is a serene beautiful place for tourists and vacationers. Hotels, bars, shopping outlets, museums, points of interest and much more make Harwich an attractive weekend getaway.

London to Harwich can be reached easily by train, tube, coaches or by private taxis. With the changing commuting dynamics and everyday transport needs, you would want to look out for options which are more flexible, cost-effective and customer-friendly. Hire a coach to Harwich Port or from Harwich Port.

Port Liverpool

If you want short cruise city breaks in UK from Europe, you must head to Liverpool. You can find regular services and cruise departures for cruises round Britain for British Isle Cruises, Canary Islands and Transatlantic islands. There’s another remarkable and unique feature of this port. The maritime city’s location allows leaving your cruise or liner right at the city’s centre or Liverpool City Centre, making it very easy and convenient to access the city from the port or vice versa.

With Liverpool football club, the legendary Beatles’ place and much more to explore, Liverpool becomes a must visit place when you are in UK for your business or leisure trip. London Liverpool distance by car is 212 miles and can be covered by train, car or coach.

For more details on where and what to explore in Liverpool, all you need is

Port of Tyne Newcastle

Port of Tyne Newcastle opens the gate to England’s north most region Northumbria. Popular with tourists for exploring the Baltic and the Norwegian Fjords, Port of Tyne Newcastle attracts on an average hordes of passengers annually who come to appreciate the unique amalgamation of ancient and modern architecture and the exceptional weather prevalent.

The port terminal is full-fledged with facilities like eateries, shopping, parking and luggage storage. City centre is 8 miles from the cruise port and Newcastle international airport is accessible by car which is 15 miles away. Newcastle airport has regular flights from various small and big airports of London, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton and Aberdeen. Many other popular destinations like Manchester are connected to Newcastle by train / coach / car. Newcastle to London distance by car is 283 miles and Newcastle to Manchester distance is 145 miles by car. Book now today to Hire coach services for Newcastle.

Reaching a destination is important but not as important as reaching your destination with comfort, surety and safety. Plan your trip, your ground transport services and hotels in a way that you do not miss out any of these vital parameters of travelling, be it for business or leisure.

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