Beautiful destinations to travel in February 2019

Beautiful Destinations to travel in February

February is a month of festivals and fairs around the world. It is a time to travel and submerge yourself in the beauty of nature. To top it, the world celebrates this month as a symphony of love.

While traveling is too much fun, why not gift yourself a hassle-free traveling experience in the month of love by hiring a chauffeured ground transport to manage your conveyance.

Wondering which country to visit? There are many beautiful places to visit worldwide in the month of February. We have listed out a few for you.

Mexico: “Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.”

Visiting Mexico in the month of February is a great choice as the weather is pleasant and the rains are least expected. You can relax in warm sunshine, white sandy beaches and explore the raw and natural beauty of the country.

There are many things to see and do in Mexico in the month of February. The first Monday of the month is a national holiday in honor of the Mexican constitution. This year, the carnival celebrations and Valentine’s day will be celebrated in a grand way.

February marks the peak for Monarch butterfly season, so you can visit and enjoy the monarch butterfly reserves. It is also an ideal time for whale watching. Every year gray whales migrate more than 10,000 miles to escape the cold. They can be seen breeding and bearing their calves.

Italy: “If Italy were a normal country, they wouldn’t have wonderful Rome or marvelous Venice!”

The month of February can be very lively in Italy. There is good news for the budget conscious travelers. Traveling to Italy in February is really pocket-friendly. Also, Italy is one of the places which lend themselves to romantic vacations.

You can surprise your sweetheart by taking them to visit the city of Verona. You can enjoy the setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and admire the famous balcony where they first confessed their love.

After that, you can explore the famous 1st-century Roman amphitheater and enjoy the opera festival. A side trip to Venice or to nearby Lake Garda would be a cherry on the cake. One of the biggest festivals in Italy, the Venice carnival, is something that you should not miss. Carnevale as they call it in Italian, it is one-of-a-kind celebration suspended between past and present with a traditional local allure featuring many events-within-the-event.

France: “Rester, c’est exister, mais voyager c’est vivre.”

A very famous sentence in French that means, “ To be, is to exist, but to travel, is to live.”

February in France is enthralling. Despite the cold weather, there are many things to enjoy in France. It is said that Nice is just a place in France. The famous carnival in Nice is a great way to shake off your winter blues. You could enjoy it from 13th February. The two-week-long carnival attracts a large number of cheerful visitors. You can enjoy dancing, music, and people with colorful costumes will surely uplift your mood.

Paris is considered the most romantic destination. But, celebrating Valentine’s day at tiny St. Valentin village might change your views. As it is called “village of lovers”, couples can enjoy a delicious breakfast, take ballroom dancing lessons and listen to concerts. Romantic, isn’t it?

As rightly called “City of Lemons”, Menton’s annual Lemon Festival is a must watch. Giant sculptures covered in lemons, oranges, and tangerines are put on a show. It is their way of celebrating the most important fruit of the town. You can also have fun watching exhibits, parades and visit a market selling local products.

New Zealand: “There is only one word for New Zealand – epic!”

February is a good month to visit New Zealand for the weather. It is a good time for outdoor visits. Activities that you can do there include hiking, kayaking, swimming, sailing, mountain climbing, mountain biking or scenic driving. You can do a few of the nine great walks of New Zealand.

You could visit beaches, coastal areas, and areas like the West Coast or Fiordland National Park.

There are many other exciting places that could interest people like Rotorua’s geothermal landscape and limestone caves of Waitomo in Auckland.

February is a great time for wine aficionados as they can taste wine in the Cable Bay Vineyards. It is a perfect vineyard experience with award-winning wines at the cellar door with exquisite cuisine and breathtaking view.

Australia: “Being lost in Australia gives you a lovely sense of security.”

February in Australia is great for people who want to escape the cold weather as it is mostly summer there. Due to the favorable weather conditions, many travel spots are at their best. If you are looking to enjoy the water, Australia offers you the best.

This time is great for foodies and wine lovers and those you wish to enjoy the natural beauty. You might like visiting Tamar Valley and enjoy a river cruise. It is also wonderful if you appreciate a picturesque ride.

If you enjoy the outdoors, this is a great time for walking and hiking in Australia and you can enjoy the beautiful coastline. You can find many versatile places to go around and have fun when it comes to Australia. If you are in for beach going and surfing, you can visit Margaret river in Western Australia. You can also choose to go for a road trip on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria in your luxurious ride. Fun, isn’t it?

Describing the beauty of each country in a few words is difficult. Each country is amazingly unique in its own way. Eager to visit these marvelous countries with your family and friends? Book your private luxury car or coach for a smooth journey. Because “Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”

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