Be your own travel agent – The next big thing in ground transport

The internet revolution has completely transformed the way we live and travel. We are now more connected with the outside world thanks to 24/7 access to internet accessible devices. The travel industry is one of the early sectors to embrace internet technology and is now at the forefront of it. We can travel as we please and go nearly everywhere we desire with very little effort. The exponential increase in the use of travel technology has led to the birth of “be your own travel agent” movement that allows us the freedom and convenience of making our own choices.

First mile and last mile connectivity has always been a significant part of the way we travel and move around whether in the destination or at the destination. This is where ground transport plays a major role in boosting the economy of the country and livelihood of the people who work in this space. After all, it is a US $6 trillion industry and keeps the world economy moving.

Having said this, we all know that the ground transportation industry is not as clear and concise as it seems to be. Most of us face a problem in identifying the right service provider and the best mode of transportation when traveling out of the city/country. This becomes even more complex when booking coaches or private transfers are involved as well as tour guides who can help us move around the city. It is a never-ending multi-layered communication process between various parties involved that makes it more difficult. When it comes to making a destination-based ground transport booking, one needs to take even more follow-ups for every booking and try to overcome many uncertainties and insecurities despite making upfront payments for bookings.


Lack of professional services results in underwhelming customer experience, leaving us unhappy with the service provider. The problem also arises when traveling abroad, as ground transport industry does not have any option of pre-booking of chauffeured private vehicles as easy as booking hotels and flights.

The industry needed a one-stop solution to solve these hurdles. The call for changing the way the industry operates has led to a global solution for the travelers worldwide. With the concept like this and a vision to solve persistent problems faced by travelers across the globe, TripCenter was conceptualized and developed.

TripCenter is a marketplace platform connecting local ground transport operators as well as giants of the industry across 5,000+ cities worldwide providing thousands of vehicle options. It is the only platform in the world where a fleet operator can register their services and list the fleet for free, providing the opportunity for them to increase their business by opening up to a broader spectrum of audience across the globe.

TripCenter - be your own travel agent

With TripCenter, you can be your own travel agent. Its user-friendly interface backed up with solid and secure technology makes it very easy for any layman to plan the trip and book their transfers with just a few clicks.

All you need to do is enter your details on the search engine; this includes pick up & drop off points, the total number of travelers as well as the date of travel. TripCenter will immediately provide you with all the available vehicle and supplier options along with their current rates, for you to compare and book. You will also get detailed information about suppliers and their fleet so that you can pre-book the vehicle as per your choice and convenience. With a variety of options to filter from and instant booking confirmation, you will also be able to connect directly with the service provider of your choice.

TripCenter - Infographic

TripCenter has changed the way we travel, making it the next big thing in travel and ground transportation. Now vehicles from local ground transport operators can be booked anywhere in the world as quickly as booking flights and hotels. It’s a global solution for travelers, travel agents as well as local ground transport operators. It’s an online marketplace that removes the unnecessary layers of communication and last minute hassle for private transfers.

Booking a ground transport for every trip, everywhere, every time has finally become a reality. With TripCenter you can #beyourowntravelagent and customize your trip like never before.

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