Enjoy the asian games 2018 at Jakarta with hassle-free local travel

The Asian Games 2018 are almost upon us and the whole of Asia is waiting in anticipation for the games to commence with the opening ceremony on 18th August. For the very first time in the history of the Asian Games, the event is being co-hosted by 2 cities, Jakarta and Palembang.

The Indonesian Jakarta is slated to host the most number of events and also some of the most popular ones; including Table Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, Basketball, Athletics, Judo, Karate, Martial Arts and Badminton among others.

With 45 nations participating in the event, there is bound to be a mad rush of people to Jakarta for supporting their beloved nation at such a massive sporting event. The rush of emotions you feel when your compatriot wins a medal, and your country’s national anthem is played live in a sporting arena in a foreign land, is simply indescribable. It is a feeling that can choke even the most stone-cold person with emotions. Obviously, few people would want to miss out on this opportunity.

Asian Games, not the only reason to visit Jakarta!

While the Asian Games 2018 is a definitive reason to visit Jakarta, it is not the only one. Jakarta is also a fun place to visit as a tourist. There is a host of beautiful tourist attractions in this city and you won’t be disappointed by the variety on display either. There are theme parks such as Dunia Fantasi, Ancol Dreamland and Atlantis Water Adventure where you could enjoy a fun day out. The city also has its fair share of museums and galleries, with Museum Wayang, National Museum and National Gallery of Indonesia being the most popular ones.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a miniature version of the country, provides you the opportunity to explore the whole of Indonesia in a few hours. Shoppers can indulge in their favorite pastime at the flea market in Menteng district or at the Taman Anggrek Mall. Other popular tourist attractions include Istiqlal Mosque, Jin De Yuan Buddhist Temple, Ancol Beach, Awan Lounge, Taman Suropati Park, The Monas Tower (arguably Jakarta’s single most popular monument) and Ragunan Zoo. There is something for everyone in Jakarta.

The trouble with getting around in Jakarta

Traveling in the city of Jakarta is nothing short of a nightmare. According to a study conducted by global oil company Castrol in 2015, Jakarta is the world’s worst city with regard to traffic jams. The study also suggested that an average driver in Jakarta stops and starts his vehicle more than 33,000 times a year!

The primary reason behind this is the lack of infrastructure in the city. For a city as big as Jakarta, there isn’t a functional metro network in place yet. Public transport is extremely inefficient and spending 3 or 4 hours stuck in the traffic is a routine thing for the locals. Even more astoundingly, despite all its deficiencies, public transport is extremely expensive. This has left the roads of Jakarta teeming with cars. The obvious consequence of this is that the roads are perennially congested, traffic moves at a snail’s pace, gridlocks are more of a norm than an anomaly and inefficiency is the hallmark of the city’s transportation network.

The last thing you want when you travel to a foreign land just to support your nation’s athletes is to miss out on the event because the city’s traffic didn’t allow you to reach on time. And if you plan to enjoy a holiday with your friends and family, spending half your time just getting around the city would throw all your plans off course.

Lastly, Jakarta is sweltering hot even at the best of times. Traveling in non-air-conditioned taxis and buses would leave you all sweaty and itchy.

Hire a car or charter luxury bus can help you move around comfortably and effortlessly in Jakarta

Don’t let the inefficiency of Jakarta’s transport system make you have second thoughts about heading there with your group. You can find a way around it if you book your private bus for your transportation in Jakarta.

Efficient means of transport

Unlike the public transport system, private buses and minibusses are highly efficient. Private bus operators know that there is a lot of competition for them to contend with and unless they provide quality service to their clients and assure them of timely pick-ups and drops, they’d be thrown out of business sooner rather than later. Reaching late to that table tennis gold medal match or missing it altogether would not be a worry for you with a luxury car hire in Jakarta.

Travel comfortably

Unless getting dehydrated while traveling around your holiday destination is one of your Freudian nightmares, you’d want to hire an air condition car and travel in the comfort it provides. Minibusses and private buses are also your best option if you do not wish to spend the whole journey just looking out of the window. There are plenty of opportunities for entertainment in your private vehicle such as watching a movie or playing games with your group mates to name a few.

Travel safe

It isn’t just arduous to travel around Jakarta, it is unsafe too. Traffic rules are not that stringently followed in this city. No one cares about the speed limit and lane cutting is an acquired skill for the drivers here. Besides, motorcycle taxis are a popular means of transport here. These ‘cabbies’ however, often think of a fare as an opportunity to showcase their daredevilry. Traveling in a private bus, with a skilled, experienced and professional chauffeur behind the wheel would mean that your safety is in the hands of a person who doesn’t just know his way around the traffic but cares for your well-being too.

Hiring a private car in Jakarta would assure you that you arrive at the stadium safely, comfortably and on time. And that should be reason enough to hire one!

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